Are the ISA SUP World Championships in jeopardy

We are looking at one month out until the ISA SUP World Championships is held in San Juan Puerto Rico from October 28th to November 6th 2022. After hurricane Fiona swept across the island as a category 1 storm on September 19th dumping big amounts or rain, causing land slides Puerto Rico is in the midst of clean up efforts.

According to a FEMA statement from September 20th they are sending more personnel to assess the situation and further clean up efforts after the storm. As of right now there seem to be no travel advisories or flight cancellations.

However after a category 1 storm just passing the island we are wondering if the City of San Juan and the local organizer for the event are in the position to hold and event like this and possibly host over hundred athletes and their affiliates.

We have reached out to the ISA for commentary and information but unfortunately did not get a respond as of yet. The ISA website however has a tentative schedule posted. (as of Sep. 27th) We are sure efforts are well underway to make the event happen but the devastation caused by Hurricane Fiona is posing some questions.

Athletes and media are equally anxious to get more information about the event.

Update from the ISA:

The ISA World Stand Up Paddle and Paddleboard Championship is set to take place in San Juan, where the effects of Hurricane Fiona were minimal and where all activities are back to normal. The event coordination is unaffected and therefore no change to the event schedule as previously published. Of course, our thoughts are with the communities in other areas that have been affected by the impact of Hurricane Fiona.