Indiana Produkte Range 2023

Before summer comes to an end Indiana already started planning for the next season. The majority of the collection stays the same for the 2023 season. But don’t worry Indiana still delivers new products and developments of the SUP, FOIL and SURF range.

SUP Highlights

Indiana 12’6 S Touring and Ocean Touring Inflatable

This summer we launcher the 12’6 S Touring and the 12’6 Ocean Touring successfully. The S comes with narrower width of 29” for a sportier paddle style and the Ocean Touring is developed for tours in the ocean or choppy conditions with its rocker. In classic touring manner are both boards equipped with the known SUP 2.0 features. 

Indiana LTD Edition Touring Inflatable

The limited edition is the absolute high end of the whole Indiana Inflatable SUP collection. Limited, unique design and best performance. It doesn’t get any closer to a hardboard feeling than with our limited edition. Check out the detailed board review.

Indiana Race Hardboards

The 14’ Race Hardboard series has also been newly developed and was successfully launched in the competition and high-performance scene. DHC, All Water or Open Water, the series offers the ideal board for every race type and condition. 

Team rider Manuel Lauble already achieved great results and podiums at several competitions with the DHC and even got invited to the finals in Berlin with live transmission on ZDF.

Lookbook 2023 click on the image

NEW: Indiana 12’6 Touring S Carbon Wood

Towards the new season we will launch the 12’6 Carbon Wood S with a sportier width of 27.5”. The board comes in the known and pretty paulownia-wood veneer, as well as carbon fins and offers sporty paddlers great glide in all conditions.

SUP Accessories and Restube

Not to forget. We offer a full range of SUP accessories, such as leashes, battery pumps, paddles, fins, bags and carry-belts and safety equipment from Restube. With our accessory range, we let every paddler heart beat faster.

FOIL Highlights

Wingfoil 81L Carbon

The wingfoil bestseller this season. A truly complete wingfoil machine, that combines design, performance and usability. Watch the detailed board test on

Inflatable Wingfoil Boards

The ideal choice for your next foil vacation. Practical, compact yet still high performing. The integrated 10” tracks with extra reinforcement of the boxes and the embedded foot strap appliance in the fiberglass foot base, make our inflatable board range a great deal. 

LeDoigt 3’7 Pumpfoil Board

The best mix of weight, volume and durability, make this board one of the most pumped boards in Switzerland. As an add-on we developed the brand new pumpfoil backpack, that opens up a whole new spectrum of possibilities and makes transportation of the whole equipment a lot easier.

High Performance Foil Series

With the high-performance series to the next level. 

Hydrodynamic optimized fuselages, 7 new frontwings, 3 new stabilizers and the perhaps lightest and still very stiff full carbon masts in 72 and 85cm length will catapult your foil experience to a whole new world.

In cooperation with the Swiss company Carbo-Link AG developed, will the carbon masts and four of the wings manufactured in Europe, Kosovo.

To give you a proper overview of which wing is suitable for which foil sport and level check out our description overview.