Red Bull Midsummer Vikings recap

8.565 km. That is how far the 400 participants of the biggest 24-hour SUP relay event in the world, the Red Bull Midsummer Vikings in Copenhagen, Denmark, paddled this weekend under tough viking conditions!
After a great sunny day Saturday, the weather changed Sunday. In this, the 3rd edition, 400 paddlers in 80 teams from 21 countries battled through wind and heavy rain and also had to endure a 2-hour halt of the race due to safety reasons as thunder and lightning were looming in the area.

“I’m absolutely stoked and speechless that so many happy faces created a great atmosphere here at the 3rd edition of the Red Bull Midsummer Vikings. We had a great start to the race with great weather, but unfortunately had to stop the race for safety reasons and restart it Sunday morning due to bad weather with the risk of thunder and lightning. All the participants were great about it and took on the conditions as true vikings. We had a blast this weekend,” Casper Steinfath says.
Our Charity Project: SMILfonden (the SMILE Foundation)All teams were supporting the SMILE Foundation which helps chronically ill kids and teenagers to have a better life. The SMILE Foundation arranges summer camps and activities at the hospital – and some of the kids visited the Red Bull Midsummer Vikings at the start where they were out paddling with Casper Steinfath.

A total of 71.614 DKK (9.627 Euro) were collected by the participants and presented for the SMILE Foundation.

The event:Over 400 SUP paddlers from 21 countries in 80 different teams participate in the biggest 24 hour SUP relay race in the World!
The big midsummer festival took place at the Amager Beach Park in Copenhagen on a 5 km loop with both shallow waters in the lagoon and by the sea, Øresund, with a peak over to Sweden.
The paddlers started at 14.00 (2pm) Saturday afternoon and reached the finish Sunday at 14.00.

First and final lap
The Grand Depart (first lap) is for all 400 paddlers. Like at the Tour de France, all paddlers paddle the first 500 meters together before the actual start for the competing paddlers. The final lap, called the Champagne Lap, is also for all paddlers. At 13.00 Sunday afternoon, we set off at a low speed to finalize the Red Bull Midsummer Vikings. 

The Naish Super Sprint at the Social Friday
A new event this year was the Social Friday where teams on Naish mega SUP boards battled on a 200 meter course around the lagoon, a nice BBQ

The course is a simple 200-meter dash down the official runway with a few obstacles on the way. Five people per team. It’s going to be a ton of fun! It’s free, and no booking is needed. You just show up and put you and your team on the list.

RankTeamnameFirst raceSecond raceTotal
1Kona Race Team32840
2Team Locals31839
3Alster-Canoe-Club in Crazy Socks31738
4SUP my race Team Pelikaan29736
5Team Baltic Lifejackets29736
6TEAM ONE28735
7Team Vanlife28735
8The very hungry caterpillars27734
10Bryggen SUP Club26733
11Yster SUP26733
12The Fearless GermanS25631
14Twins and T’s25631
16United SUPPERS24630
17Sup Club Kiel24630
18Southampton SUP Club Gungnir24630
19Kona Team23629
20Wessex Warriors23629
21SURF’s SUP23629
22Helgos Unleashed23528
23Paddle to the metal23528
24Mañana, Mañana22628
25Paddling Puffins22527
26Team Skymonster21627
27Last Supper21526
29Team Pleasant21526
30Team SUP ´n SHAKA23326
32HS SUPerwoMEN 121425
33Enø Vandsport20525
34Can’t SUP beer stop20525
35Padler Bedst i Blæst fra Vest19625
36The Usual SUPspects19524
37Aarhus Viking SUP24024
38Saxon raiders19423
39Kajakhotellet Rockstar17623
40Kilted warriors18422
41Team Leave a Mark18422
42My Padel Club  Gerlev TWO18422
43Surfing Sharks18422
44Helgoland Pirates18422
45Bellevue Team 222022
46Still cant SUP, beer stop17421
47Team Turtle15621
48Fanatic Danmark21021
49Southampton SUP Club Gram21021
50Stand Up19120
51De Få Rå15520
52Team Paddle Party15419
53Team SUPpedasen19019
54Young Guns and Old Barrels15318
55Just smile and paddle12517
56Cruising Turtles13417
57SUP Sport Club Lübecker Bucht13316
61Fem Fine Frøkner12315
63Bellevue Team 115015
64Team NorthShore12113
65Baltic Water Drops10313
66Surfrider Foundation Baden-Pfalz11112
67Team Hamburg9312
68The Aussie and the GerPo’s9312
69HS SUPerwoMEN 29312
70My Padel Club  Gerlev One9312
72Bellevue Team 3505
73Klitmøller Sup Sistas404
74Helgoland Spotter Crew112
DNSRed Bull Danmark000
DNSSmilfonden Heroes000