Namur City Race 2022

It’s quite amazing, this race dates as far back as the Stand Up Magazin and is one of the longest standing races in Europe if not even world wide. Here are the results from 2012.

In the recent years the Namur City Race has been regularly part of the EURO TOUR and looks like it was a full success again this year. Unfortunately there was a scheduling conflict with a big race in Germany because usually we have quite a bit of a German turn out in Belgium.

On the women side Cecilia Pampinella broke the pack and controlled the the group from start to finish but only won by 4 seconds ahead of Petronella Van Malsen and 12 seconds in front of Swiss Anna Tschirky.

On the men side it was Bruno Hasulyo who set the pace from the start and much like last year broke the pack on the first leg for his unprecedented 3rd win at the event. He was almost a minute faster than Donato Freens who had a battle between 2nd and 3rd with Fernando Perez Serra from Spain.

Results men

100:59:48 Bruno Hasulyo 
201:01:44 Donato Freens 
301:01:47 Fernando Perez Serra 
401:01:57 Liran Mackelev 
501:02:17 Antonio Morillo 
601:02:19 Kjell De Bruyn 
701:02:49 Tasos Tsouris 
801:04:29 Ricardo Haverschmidt
9 01:05:39 Bastian Grimm 
1001:06:05 Kaelan Lockhart 
1101:07:05 Nikos Varlas 
1201:07:15 Daan Meily 
1301:07:23 Bart Jansegers Pieter 
1401:07:32 Tomas Lelovits 
1501:10:20 Maximus Sijrier 
1601:10:47 Gunther De Bin 
1701:11:08 Manuel Lauwers 
1801:11:38 Jordy Wichgers 
1901:13:33 Benyam Bossack 
2001:13:38 Vincent Claeskens 
2101:23:45 Martine Lambrechts
22 01:26:37 Olivier Decroly 
2301:26:46 Filip Koeckelenbergh
24 01:18:48 Ruben Geerts 
2501:30:54 Denis Faurio 

Results ladies

101:09:52 Cecilia Pampinella 
201:09:56 Petronella Van Malsen 
301:10:04 Anna Tschirky 
401:18:20 Froukje Wichgers-Marien  
501:18:55 Michala Hendrichova
601:19:08 Nathalie Van Olmen 
701:20:20 Myrte Derks 
801:24:40 Deborah Wouters 
901:28:29 Rhune Spincemaille 
1001:31:14 Marleen De Decker 
1101:31:32 Claeskens Florence 
1201:36:51 Isabel CBC 
1301:43:27 Claire Delforge