ICE Race preview and predictions

After the Carolina Cup the next big event on the calendar is the ICE Race in Thun, Switzerland and just like the Carolina Cup the ICE Race is the next big event on the ICF list of qualifiers and World Cup leading up to the ICF World Championships in Poland at the end of the year.

We went through the list of participants and found some familiar names and like to give you an overview and possible predictions.

Who will grab all the money?

El Tormenta Espania – The Spanish Armada

Just like at the ICF in Hungary the Spanish Sports Clubs will arrive with quite a roster of paddlers. We have for example the Club Deportivo Parres arriving from the Alicante region. As the name suggest this is the Club of Spanish Paddler and Coach Daniel Parres.

Daniel Parres won all 3 disziplines at the ICF SUP World Championships in 2021 in the 50+ category. He is a very strong paddler. In the long distance he won in front of Guido Donze and Peter Mühlauser both two Swiss paddlers who will be at the ICE Race as well. We are definitely looking forward to see if the Swiss paddlers can beat Daniel on their home turf.

Also part of the Parres Club is Rafael Sirvent a youg paddler that made a name for himself in Hungary last year. He did not make podium but his name came up quite a bit during final heats.

Swiss Local Paddlers

Along the two master paddlers Guido Donze and Peter Mühlhauser there are many more other Swiss paddlers ready to start the season strong. The local stand out for sure is Anna Tschirky, the 19 year old finished 5th at the ICF long distance in Hungary and made podium at the ICE Race last year. She came in third behind Esperanza Barreras and Fiona Wylde. With the absence of Fiona this year, I am sure Anna is in full attack mode to win the top of the podium if she can pass Esperanza.

After Anna we also have the up and coming Swiss female paddler Loreline Rossel, she is part of the Swiss National Team and came into the top 19 at the long distance in Hungary at the ICF Worlds. We are also looking forward to see Mallaury Munz paddling a young gun from the Lake Geneva who was part of the Swiss Juniors at the ICF Worlds.

Also looking to better her result from last years ICE Race is Ivy Mahoney she ended in 7th last year and got an impressive 4th place at the ICF Worlds in Hungary in the 40+ category.

German paddlers a bit scares

Looking at the German paddlers the field of athletes seems to be a bit slim. Here we are looking at Andrea Kämmerer who finished 2 podiums out of 3 disciplines on Lake Balaton at the ICF Worlds (5. ICF LD 40+ / 3. ICF sprint / 3. ICF Tech race) On the male side we have Arnd Dünzinger who earned himself the title of Germany’s fastest baker. Along these paddlers we also have junior paddler Skadi Langbein who made 4th in juniors at the ICF Worlds in 2021.

Andrea Kämmerers biggest competitor will most likely be Austrian Susanne Eder-Mayer who finished 3. in the Longdistance at the ICF Worlds in Hungary the both paddeled in the 40+ category and I am sure we will see a head to head race with these two.

Numerous french paddlers

Another big group of paddlers are coming from France. The biggest names here are probably again females paddlers like Fanny Tessier who was in the top 10 long distance ICF worlds and Amadine Chazot who is a regular at numerous SUP races in France. One of her best results was a 5th Place at the Vendee Gliss last year. The Teulade brothers are also a force to reckon with, Jeremy was 10th at last years ICE race and Ludovic is a 2021 APP Qualifier and was 4th at last years ICE Race.

The big names to look for

We have both ICE Race winners from last year present in Thun: Esperanza Barreras and Titouan Puyo. Titouan did announce his participation on social media but is not on the official starting list yet. Maybe he will be a beach entry.

After that we have the Australian Ty Judson just coming in from the Carolina Cup where he missed the podium in the long distance by only 30 seconds. The next big contender is Bruno Hasulyo he is a big candidate for the podium and price money. He came in 2nd at the ICE Race 2021 and was 4th at the ICF long distance 22 seconds behind his brother Daniel who will not participate in Thun this year. We are looking forward to a showdown between Titou and Daniel, that should be exciting.

(This is the current standing as of Tuesday May 3rd 2022, I will be traveling to Thun after that and will not be able to do any updates. See you guys there.)

If you like to see all the results from the past you can do so here:

If you have not registered by now you can do so via ICE Race and make sure to follow ICE Race and Stand Up Magazin on socialmedia for all the action this coming weekend. Go to


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