EURO TOUR Port Adriano SUP Race

If you had the chance to watch the live cast from the Port Adriano SUP Race this weekend you might have realized how great of a community the SUP world is. It was great to see so many people I have met at the ICE Race continue to compete across Europe. On top of that you throw Chris Parker in the mix with a live cast and nothing can go wrong. At some point there were over 200 people that tuned in for the race. That might not sound like much in the real world but for a niche sport like SUP this is huge in my opinion.

The race it self was a crazy one. The ocean was a real wash machine or how some people like to call it: A potatoe patch. Which means that the waves were practically coming from all over the place with out a clear direction. So the surface turns into something like a turned over field. Hence potato patch. This clearly showcased how people with ocean experience have an advantage. We saw guys like Titou who were clearly able to take advantage when a random wave built up on their tail and then able to ride it out for a few yards.

Sadly as of right now we don’t have the racing times but we all know that Titou won the race pretty clear and so did Esperanza. (We hope the full results with times will drop soon)

Women Top 10

  1. Esperanza Barreras (ESP)
  2. Duna Gordillo (ESP)
  3. Caterina Stenta (ITA)
  4. Anáis Guyomarch (FRA)
  5. Iona Rivet (FRA)
  6. Aida Nepola (ESP)
  7. Holy Pie (GBR)
  8. Elizabeth Llarques (ESP)
  9. Michala Hendrichova (CZ)
  10. Silvia Canuda (ES)

Men Top 10

  1. Titouan Puyo (FRA)
  2. Michael Booth (AUS)
  3. Ethan Bry (FRA)
  4. Ty Judson (AUS)
  5. Manuel Hoyuela (ESP)
  6. Liran Machlev (ISR)
  7. Aaron Sanchez (ESP)
  8. Lucas Simoncelli (ESP)
  9. Paolo Marconi (ITA)
  10. Claudio Nika (ITA)

Watch the live feed one more time if you have not. Chris Parker once again nails it making it fun to watch. Chris Parker has not done a live feed in probably 3 years. This just shows how we need somebody who has the time and the passion to follow these races bringing the stoke and excitement to all the people who can’t be there. We sure hope this is a good return and we will have many live feeds like this coming in the future. (And we can only hope that race organizers see the value in this work and compensates media accordingly.)


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