USA SUP Launching at Carolina Cup

When it comes to SUP organizations we mostly talk about Europe and International affairs, but never really about what is going on in the US. We are looking at National Canoe Federations in Europe and off course the ICF, as well as the ISA and national Surfing Associations in Europe. In the US so far not much has been going on when it came to a well structured SUP organization. The US canoe federation seems not very active and the only qualifier for the ISA is via Surfing USA. All of it seems pretty scattered and we rarely to never get any news or updates from an official body in the US.

This now all seems to change with a grassroots effort with a team of enthusiasts and and SUP Veteran Kristin Thomas. We just received this press release and are happy to support and learn more about the “USA SUP” and its mission.

Wrightsville Beach, SC.— 4/22/2022 — United States of America Stand Up Paddle (USA SUP) has opened its first-ever membership drive. Following a months-long series of strategy sessions and information meetings with key stakeholders, membership now opens to enable the community to grow the sport in the United States through safe, fair and inclusive events.

Membership levels include student, individual, family, and corporate as well as premium levels for members to take a prominent stance in this inaugural year. All levels are recognized as founding memberships with special recognition for supporting the important early work USA SUP is doing to build and strengthen SUP communities across the country. 

“I’m super stoked to invite all of my SUP family to join us in finally creating a cohesive and inclusive paddling community” said Harrison Withers, President of USA SUP.

To achieve their mission, USA SUP is focusing on grassroots communities by including as many event participants as possible. From local 20-person races to internationally recognized races like the Carolina Cup, USA SUP aims to provide guidance for; competition and event participation and organization; strategies to promote and embrace diversity, and community; stakeholder resources to grow the sport on the local and national stage.  

“There are so many passionate paddlers in communities around the country and we can see the opportunity to come together for the benefit of the sport,” said Fiona Wylde, board member and Youth Outreach committee co-chair for USA SUP. “Together, we can create an organization that supports all participants, from the grassroots up.”