Sports Camps SUP Training and Rentals

Welcome to Sports Camps Group. We offer and organize highly effective sport camps for professional athletes in canoe/kayak, rowing and stand-up paddling (SUP) to provide competitive and high-level training to athletes, prerequisite for their good competition achievements. Our top camp locations are in Turkey, Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria and Croatia.

The locations, facilities and infrastructure we suggest are adaptive and could meet all athletes’ needs for an effective sport training. The Sport Camps Group offers variety services from logistic to great training and outdoors conditions such as:  

  • Airport transfers
  • Water courses
  • Gymnasiums
  • Canoes, Kayaks, SUP boards
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Recovery areas
  • Speed boats for coaches.


  • ICF Flat Water events
  • ICF SUP events
  • FISA official events

Sports Camps is working with leading international boat manufacturers, such as Plastex, Nelo, Starboard.  and already is working with a number of large international sport squads. Our services come from athletes to athletes and because we know what the important ingredients for a complete training are, a number of international federations and large international sport squads have trusted our expertise.

Sports Camps is the official partner of International Canoe Federation (ICF) and is authorized in providing all types of boats and stand-up boards to competitors in the upcoming World Cups and World Championship events. We are very happy to be working with the International Canoe Federation (ICF) and be their partner and are looking forward to joining them at canoeing competitions to showcase the love for all water sports and the pleasant emotions they bring not only for professionals but to everyone that would like to participate. Sports Camps also offers camps for SUP lovers of all levels, which are run by our highly – experienced SUP coaches.


“Our long-term goal is to make life easier for paddlers and their coaches. If we can take away the worry about what happens off the water, it will translate into better competition results.”


Sports Camps is the official partner of International Canoe Federation (ICF) and is authorized in providing and renting all types of boats and stand-up boards and logistics to competitors in the upcoming World Cups and World Championship events.

  • StarBoard SUP / LightCorp SUP /LiquidCItizen / QB


+61 433 269 359 WA/Viber


  • May 7-9 Thun, Switzerland
  • ICE Race Lake Thun
  • May 28-29 Prague , Czech , PRAGUE SUP RACE
  • June 4-5 Austria ( Lake Wolfgang) , “Legend of Ox” SUP RACE
  • June 17-19 Budapest, Hungary , SUP FESTIVAL
  • September 7-11 , Gdynia / Poland , ICF SUP World Championship 2022

Sport Camps will be at the race in Thun and we had some questions:

If I rent a board from you guys for Thun online. I like to know somethings:

  • Where do I pick up my board?
  • Who do I talk to about it?
  • Where do I drop off the board after the race?
  • What about the transportation you offer?
  • For EUR 300.- does that mean I can bring my personal board to Thun and you transport to Prague, Lake Wolfgang, Budapest and Gdynia?
  • Or: I can rent a board at each race for EUR 350.


  • You will pick up your board at the Sports Camps Tent at the competitions site, our team staff will provide all what you requested.
  • You can book your board at our web site or contact by email or WA/Viber +61 433 269 359
  • Depending on the venue and the finish area, you will either leave your board in the Sports Camps tent or a member of our staff will pick it up.Also, if you plan to go to other stages of the ICF World Cups and World Championship, we can transport your personal board, please contact us for details.