boot 2022 Beachworld preview

22. – 30. Januay 2022

People! The countdown to boot 2022 has just begun. The PR for Beachworld 2022 has arrived and we can tell you in advance: It will be windy. This is also the title of the PR:

Blowin‘ instead of Tow-In: Wind machines cooking up the pool

Düsseldorf in October 2021, from January 22 to 30, 2022, the new surf season will start with a fresh breeze. Messe Düsseldorf is upgrading the flatwater pool with more draft for wingfoiling. In addition, 20 wind machines will provide a realistic wingfoil feeling. Whether these generators also provide enough pressure for gliding with the windsurfing board will be an exciting test event when the tow-in windsurfers take to the pool. Maybe there will be a blow-in contest in combination with the cableway system.

Due to the current supply bottlenecks for materials, many manufacturers will be presenting their 2022 products for the first time at boot. In addition, many new hybrid concepts for 2022 are coming onto the market, some of which are still in the patenting process. Clever combinations of inflatable and hardboard for windsurfing, SUP or wing foiling or for beginners to normal windsurfing are in demand. The manufacturers will show a wide range of products with very different focuses at boot.

The boot thus offers a perfect opportunity to get an overview of the market in time for the start of the season and to get direct advice from the manufacturers and developers. In the adjacent Surf ‘n’ Shop Zone there is certainly one or the other product already for sale.

Reboot your Skills: Large program for beginners and intermediates and free wingsurfing courses

In 2021, there were significantly more beginners and intermediates. For this target group, boot offers a generous training area in cooperation with the VDWS teaching team professionals.

The popular surfing seminars on planing, harness surfing and footstrap riding on the windsurfing simulator will take place without prior registration. You can find out the starting times at the VDWS booth.

However, the biggest run is expected in the free wingsurfing courses. Here, the novices are first taught wing handling on a simulator equipped with a wind machine. Later in the day, after 5:00 p.m., the graduates of these introductory courses will have the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice on the pool. There, the wind machines provide enough propulsion to surf from one side of the pool to the next, getting a feel for how to stand up and launch. WingFOILING is left to the professionals for the time being for safety reasons.

Wingfoil Showcontest with the stars

For professionals, the wind machines are regulated a little higher and foils with masts up to 70 cm long are allowed. This should also give Radiculo and co. enough room for some action without shaving the sensitive bottom of the pool. Times and program can be found from December on

Surf Pros to chat with

You almost have to say, as usual, the pro surfers and world cupper also give the microphone into their hands at boot. Then you can find out up close where the Wavestars spend their winter training, which racers test and train with whom, and what the 2022 regatta calendar has to offer.

Do it your self!

n 2022 you can surf again on THE WAVE made by citywave®. Please register online beforehand: The instructors of the citywave® team will show you the first steps on the surfboard in the standing wave. Advanced surfers can book an expert slot without instruction, but for safety reasons they have to jump into the waves with the provided equipment (softboards with plastic fins).
Also for wakeboarding, SUPing and skimboarding you need a registration on this year. But you can also do this quickly online on site.

Action guaranteed on both weekends

While the first weekend belongs entirely to the surfers and wingfoil pros, the stand up paddlers and wakeboarders get their turn on the second weekend and make their mark.

Contests and Showprogram:

  • WAVE Masters – 22. & 23.01.2022
  • Wingfoil Showcontest, daily – 22. – 30.01.2022
  • Tow-In Showcontest – 22. & 23.1.2022
  • Pooltastic Wakeboard Contest – 29.01.2022
  • European Skimboarding Cup – 29.01.2022
  • SUP Rabbit Race – 29. & 30.01.2022

Detailed schedules available starting December 2021

If you like to catch some beachworld vibes let us take you there:


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