ICF SUP World Championships Debrief

This is the last word on the ICF SUP World Championships 2021 in Balatonfüred. It was an amazing event, I never been to an event that was organized this well and everything ran on time all the time. Mathieu and I sat down right after the last medal was handed out and talked about our own personal impressions, highlights and what we feel can be improved for the next event. In fact there was not much, but we both agreed that the SUP Sport at ICF events should not loose the “Aloha” Spirit and “Beach Culture Feel” of it. I personally felt that the medal awards are a bit stiff and too procedural but maybe that is an Olympic thing.

Another thing that I could not understand is how there were 4 semi finals and Finals A – C. I ended up sorting the times by fastest to slowest in the Sprint and Tech. Race by all finals and found for example that Andrey Kraitor had the 4th fastest time overall. I would urge the ICF to measure times individually and follow the knock out system. People that fall out in the semis can still be sorted by their times and given points for a team ranking.


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