TRIPSTIX thinner stiffer better performance


It all started back in 2011, when Stefan Klare came up with the idea of building inflatable surfboards – only differently. Thinner, stiffer and above all with more performance. It didn’t take too long until a first prototype was available. The ALLROUND board with the specially developed and patented VacuuAir technology, which won the ISPO Brandnew Award in 2016. But to stop at that point would be boring. So it was back to his workshop for Stefan and the engineer, who now holds a PhD, continued to research and develop to improve the existing technology even further. And as the saying goes, “the industrious are rewarded”. In this case with another patent and two more ISPO awards for the ClustAir technology.


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What is so special about these boards?
The construction compared to conventional iSUPs is fundamentally different. Conventional inflatables use dropstitch technology. This means that the outer skin of the board is held together inside the board using threads. Although this is the industry standard, performance-oriented shapes cannot be made this way.

TRIPSTIX has solved exactly this problem with their ClustAir technology. Because here the shape of the board is formed by means of several tubes. This way, not only streamlined outlines and even rocker lines can be modeled, but also the stiffness and the shapes, in short the performance, are unparalleled with these boards.
In a nutshell: TRIPSTIX has managed to give inflatable SUPs a true hardboard feel.

The first board TRIPSTIX has launched in ClustAir technology is the BELUGA – an 8’4” Wave SUP. The thin rails, the distinctive squashtail and the harmonic rocker line of the board provide unrestricted maneuverability and endless surfing fun in the wave. The balanced outline makes this board a tilt-resistant yet agile wave SUP. The BELUGA 8’4″ is the perfect choice for surf SUP travelers who value comfort and performance.