SUP origin questioned

Stand-up paddling crossed a lot of people’s minds. Not just the surfers of Honolulu. As kids, we too used to stand up and play on our parents’ windsurfers. So we didn’t have to lie on the rough board we had a canoe paddle.

This picture from 1903 clearly shows that the man is standing on a “board” that serves the purpose of paddling while standing.

  • Rowing and Stand Up Paddling, 1903
  • Photo: Wilhelm Müller, Wyk, 10,6 × 14,7 cm
  • Archive of the Ferring Stiftung, Alkersum/Föhr, Sig. AFS/2256 (Estate of Carl Mensendieck)
  • All rights reseved Ferring Foundation.

The picture is in the estate of Carl Mensendieck, who was the commercial manager of the North Sea Sanatorium in Wyk from 1905 to 1906. of the North Sea Sanatorium in Wyk, under the item “Photo collection North Sea Sanatorium Wyk Südstrand” (signature number 2256). In it are views of the sanatorium, but also photographs of sailors also photos of sailors, rowers and people on the beach. So it could possibly be visitors of the sanatorium
of the sanatorium, but without guarantee. Since the sanatorium was located at the south beach of Wyk, the photo could be the photo was taken there.