12Towers SUP Race Results

It sure was nice to see a SUP and Paddler ace going underway this weekend. The 12 Towers Paddle Festival is an Aussie Classic and celebrated its 10th anniversary this weekend. It sure was nice to see some familiar names coming out to race. Looks like Michael “Boothy” Booth made a clear win under the one hour mark leaving James Casey more than 2 minutes behind.

Terrene Black won the ladies on long course over Angela Jackson and Karla Gilbert. All these ladies are experienced SUP Athletes. Terrene is a dominating force in the SUP World and won the last M2O in 2019. Angie Jackson already competed back in the day when we had the APP Tour holding SUP Championships at Turtle Bay on Oahu when it still was the watermen league.


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Long Course – 14′ & under SUP Race Board

1Michael BOOTH (14)M1OM159:59.2
2James Casey (22)M2OM201:02:26.6
3Lincoln Dews (169)M3OM301:03:12.4
4Nathan Cross (30)M4OM401:03:56.6
5Sam Mccullough (100)M5JM101:04:42.9
6Jackson Cosgrove (28)M6OM501:04:54.6
7Dave Kissane (83)M750-54M101:06:13.3
8Johnny Hagan (68)M8OM601:06:14.1
9Jeremie Camgrand (19)M9OM701:07:10.6
10Kaelan Lockhart (92)M10OM801:08:14.7
11Paul Jackson (178)M1140-49M101:08:47.4
12Callan Dick (38)M12OM901:09:15.5
13Terrene Black (12)F1OF101:10:46.1
14Tim Fitzsimmons (52)M1340-49M201:10:57.4
15Dyllan Constable (26)M1440-49M301:12:13.8
16Angella Jackson (177)F2OF201:12:36.1
17Paul Jones (79)M1540-49M401:12:36.4
18Karla Gilbert (176)F3OF301:12:52.6
19Kate BAKER (7)F4OF401:13:15.5
20Loz Stephenson (135)M1640-49M501:13:46.1
21Blair Casey (21)M1740-49M601:14:02.1
22Cheyne Mitchell (106)M18OM1001:14:34.3
23Paul Gill (64)M1950-54M201:15:12.7
24Julian Stevens (136)M20OM1101:15:16.4
25Tony Strang (138)M2155-59M101:15:38.2
26Keale Dorries (39)F5OF501:16:07.4
27Dany Leclerc (89)M22OM1201:16:41.8
28Stephen Morley (107)M2340-49M701:17:01.3
29Robin Hooton (75)M2440-49M801:17:59.4
30Chris Ting (149)M2550-54M301:18:12.4
31Chris Cross (29)M2650-54M401:18:54.6
32Nathan L’estrange (86)M27OM1301:20:34.1
33Justin Gallagher (59)M2840-49M901:21:37.4
34Kane Degrauw (36)M29OM1401:22:04.6
35Rob Adsett (1)M30OM1501:22:08.5
36Juan Cruz (31)M3155-59M201:24:11.5
37Chloe Walkerdene (154)F6OF601:24:35.9
38Dallas Slight (130)M3240-49M1001:25:19.2
39Thierry Danet (33)M3350-54M501:25:29.8
40Jon Easdown (47)M34OM1601:25:36.3
41Peter Jackson (77)M3540-49M1101:26:32.8
42Savannah Fitzsimmons (53)F740-49F101:26:48.6
43David Pacheco (116)M3640-49M1201:28:06.2
44Greg Burton (18)M3760+M101:29:01.4
45Sue Dorries (40)F850+F101:30:03.5
46Trish West (160)F940-49F201:30:26.6
47Rick Duire (45)M3850-54M601:32:02.2
48Patrick Agussol (2)M39OM1701:34:19.7
49Ranfurly Hockey (74)M40OM1801:34:35.5
50Maria Williams (163)F1050+F201:34:59.8
51Ivan Martorell (97)M4150-54M701:35:26.3
52Steven Bowden (15)M4240-49M1301:40:03.9
53Ben Stockwin (137)M4340-49M1401:40:35.1
54Amy Blakemore (13)F11OF701:41:02.5
55Leon Dyson (46)M4460+M201:42:20.5
56Megan Kelly (81)F1240-49F301:43:02.5
57Tracey Mouque (108)F1350+F301:43:52.7
58Jamie Miller (105)M4540-49M1501:45:19.5
59Matthew Sydes (144)M4640-49M1601:46:14.5
60Steve Trezise (151)M4755-59M301:46:23.8
61Janelle Richter (123)F1440-49F401:47:13.3
62Abbie Walkerdene (155)F15JF101:47:32.8
63Dale Gobbe (65)M4855-59M401:47:35.4

Short Course – 14′ & under SUP Race Board

1Shane Lynch (94)M1OM137:04.3
2Tom Avery (181)M2OM244:21.7
3Megan Bennett (173)F1OF146:37.5
4Michael Konik (85)M3OM349:05.5
5Wendy King (82)F2OF250:01.5
6Jake Falkinder (50)M4OM450:09.4
7Charmaine Koch (84)F3OF350:20.8
8Linda Sydes (143)F4OF450:25.5
9David Paterson (118)M5OM551:46.5
10Erica Styles (140)F5OF554:19.3
11Anne Forestier (55)F6OF654:19.5
12Ruth Goiny (171)F7OF756:05.8
13Mike Goiny (172)M6OM658:00.9
14Karen Gibson (63)F8OF859:38.1
15Gillam Moore (175)F9OF901:01:33.9
16Donna Belk (174)F10OF1001:05:24.1