SUP Talk 2021 Trends und Vorhersagen

Happy New Year to all Stand Up Magazine readers. I hope you have arrived well in 2021. For the first video of 2021, I thought we’d try to look a little into the future. What trends will we see? What will happen to the SUP racing circuit? Where will the epicenter of SUP sport shift?

Unfortunately, many answers are still up in the air, because the Corona virus is still going strong in many parts of the world. I am counting very much on the boot show in Düsseldorf in April, but until then a lot has to happen so that we can move freely at a trade show.

What trends am I expecting for 2021?

  • Europe will remain the epicenter of the SUP Sport.
  • Athletes from estern Europe will make a push to the top.
  • Winging will continue to trend strongly.
  • We will not see wings being sold in big box stores quite yet.
  • Foiling will continue to grow in land locked regions
  • We will see foil pump races.
  • There won’t be any inflatable foils.
  • I see a 50/50 chance at best that the ISA will hold a world championships this year.
  • I will do more SUP Talks with products.
  • There will be a great new issue of the magazine.

Es bleibt also spannend


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