Foil and Wing Boards from beginner to pro

In the sport of SUP, the question of the board was relatively simple for me as a hobby athlete. I had my 14 foot downwind board and that was it. I didn’t have to get on a beginner board and work my way up to the board I ultimately wanted. But with foiling and especially wingfoiling, it’s a little different.

Even if I already know water sports I have to start with a relatively large board. I can’t learn the sport on a sinker. So I have to work my way up to it and start with a big board.

The simple formula:

Body weight in KG plus 20 liters.

I recommend a board with a width of at least 28 inches, which is about 71 cm. Thus, you have a good tilt stability. But if you have some ambition, you will soon want to part with a larger board and switch to smaller boards. But that is not so easy.

The biggest danger with sinkers is that you lose buoyancy in light winds and then have to swim. With a board that carries you even without wind, you can easily get back to shore and sail without the foil lift.

In this video I show you different boards and tell you about my experiences as a so-called “Weekend Warrior”.


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