Wing security on the water

A picture and the story behind it.

I recently published a picture on Facebook, for which I received some criticism.

A reader quite rightly, expressed his concerns about the safety of children on the board. If you take the picture as it is, it is quite understandable.


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So dear water sports parents: Don’t let your children just do the water and also don’t let them use a wing. First you have to make sure that the conditions and the environment are suitable. Also the ability of the kids is very important.

In order for me to feel safe as a responsible father, I have to focus on three points:

Where and in what conditions do I let my kids play with Wing and SUP?

What kind of skills do I expect from my kids?

What kind of equipment do they use?

The two girls are my daughters, the one in front is 10 and the one on the wing is 12.

The location:

  • Enclosde harbor basin
  • Many beginners on the water
  • Many people on the beach watching others

The conditions:

  • Light side-onshore winds
  • No white caps
  • 8 – 12 Knots
  • Long beach
  • Few rocks
  • No waves
  • No boats

The equpment:

  • Wave SUP 8’2″ 109 liters
  • Wing 2.5m
  • Leash for the rider

Skill level of kids

  • Swimming since age 3
  • Surfing since age 3
  • Growing up with water sports
  • Suring every day
  • Know how it is if you get held under water by a wave
  • Starting to get their first experience with the wing

I think with this list you have good clues to: where, when and how you can let your children on the water.

Safety always comes first and as they say: “In doupt don’t go out!