The future is now.


After 10 years in the SUP sport it is now time to shift gears. The website was renewed in spring and now it was time for the logo is on. Our SUP rider in the old logo also wanted to learn foiling. Therefore we put him on a Foil-SUP and modernized the font.

We are currently seeing how new sports are becoming a trend thanks to SUP. It started on Maui when Kai Lenny put a foil under his raceboard. The world was amazed and the SUP scene welcomed the foil with open arms. Not much later the Wing conquered the waters of Maui and it was again the people from the SUP scene who made friends with the Wing. Shortly after, retired windsurfers and even surfers jumped on the wing trend. (We covered foiling in issue 16 and the Wing in issue 18). We are currently experiencing how winging and foiling are going through a similar development as SUP did 10 years ago. Since I am enthusiastic about both new sports, the decision was easy: Stand Up magazine will from now on also cover foiling and winging. Even more: The Stand Up magazine will now be a SUP – WING – FOIL magazine.

STAND UP MAGAZIN Cover 2010 – 2020

The future is now

I find it very exciting how we are currently observing how wingsports and foiling are spreading in Europe and around the world. These are very great times for a magazine like the Stand Up Magazine, we have the chance to cover a news sport from the very beginning and that’s exactly the plan.
On the website we have already added a separate “Wind and Foil” section and in the new issue in 2021 we will also have Foil and Wing content on paper.