SUP World Rankings Top Ten Update after the EURO TOUR in Barcelona


It was as big SUP Race Weekend in Barcelona. It was also for the first time this season that we seen this high of a head count of big names in the sport. Everybody except a few migrated to Barcelona for a weekend of a SUP Festival style competition. There is even was a foil competition but were not able to find much infos about it: No result sheets, no pictures or any kind of detailed info. All we saw were some podium pictures. That is too bad as we aspire to include more SUP Foil Racing in our news. Hopefully next time.

Men Longdistance

We saw quite a bit of shuffling in the top ten. Donato Freens is still safe in the top spot, but Shrimpy is catching up fast and Donatos 12. place did not help him gaining too many points either. With a points average of 569.9 it might take Shrimpy only three more wins and he will have caught up with Donato who is running an average of 413 point per race. Michael Booth finally made it to the top 10 with his 3. Place in Barcelona and running a points average of 414. Aaron Sanchez did well in Barcelona too and arrived in 5th place in the SWR.

The only guys who moved down are the once that did not race this weekend and Antonio Morillo who came in 17th just three spots above the mark for not getting scored. Remember you have to make top 20 to get scored in the SWR.

RankNameNationPointsRacesLast ResultChange
1Donato FreensNED3307.23812. Barcelona
2Rai TaguchiJPN2351.6764. Barcelona↑ 1
3Shuri ArakiJPN2279.641. Barcelona↑ 1
4Filippo MercurialiITA1841.6265. Lake Rocks *↓ 2
5Aaron SanchezESP1781.3142. BarcelonaNEW
6Michael BoothAUS1659.8643. BarcelonaNEW
7Bode von AllmenUSA1463.92712. Lake Rocks*↓ 2
8Blue EwerUK1445.347. BarcelonaNEW
9Antonio MorilloESP1444.83517. Barcelona↓ 3
10Ludovic TeuladeFRA1289.96414. Barcelona

Women Longdistance

Mariecarmen Rivera over took Juliette Duhaime this weekend. Juliette paddeled her worst result all year and is now falling behind. Her ninth place in Barcelona not only cost her the lead, but her average score from the 2nd place at the Lake Rocks of 233 points went down to 201. Mariecarmen runs a solid score of 332 per race which is actually 18 points better than last week.

But then there is Esperanza Barreras, coming from behind like a freight train. Her victory in Barcelona is giving her an average score of 368 that’s a solid 55 point increase from the Lake Rocks. She is sitting in 3rd with three races and only 100 points behind Juliette. Depending who is racing where in the coming weeks we might see Espe on top rather soon. Alba Frey is another podium from Barcelona now sitting as a new comer in 6th position, how ever she needs to increase he average score to catch up. She is sitting at 234 points which is still 34 points more than the current number two.

RankNameNationPointsRacesLast ResultChange
1Mariecarmen RiveraPUR1328.7542. Barcelona↑  1
2Juliette DuHaimeARG1206.7969. Barcelona↓ 1
3Esperanza BarrerasESP1106.531. Barcelona↑  3
4Cecilia PampinellaITA1030.1667. Barcelona↓ 1
5Susak MolineroESP837.4258. Barcelona↑  1
6Alba FreyESP707.7133. BarcelonaNEW
7Laura QuetglasESP655.0335. Sancti Petri*↓ 2
8Duna GordilloESP618.432. Sancti Peri*↓ 1
9Petronella van MalsenNED582.531. Paddle of Kempen*↓ 1
10Anais GuymarchFRA547.2834. BarcelonaNEW

Women Tech. Race

Other than in Longdistance, Juliette Duhaime is clearly leading the charge, with three races under her belt, a 3rd place in Barcelona and an average score of 354 she is looking very strong. Nevertheless Espe is catching up, she improved her race score from 222 last week to 308 this week. Barcelona was a high ranked race and Espes victory gave her a boost. Now we hope to see Espe and Juliette head to head in the next Tech. Race.

On the other hand Cecilia Pampinella does not have the year she had last year. In 2023 she was on top all the time. Then we miss Duna Gordillo completely on in the top then here in fact she was not even in Barcelona last weekend. Demographics have changed a bit in the women’s field and that explains the different rankings.

New in the mix is also Seychelle Webster who is back from here maternity leave showing some mom power with a 3rd place in Barcelona.

RankNameNationPointsRacesLast ResultChange
1Juliette DuHaimeARG1063.7532. Barcelona↑ 1
2Esperanza BarrerasESP924.3531. Barcelona↑ 2
3Cecilia PampinellaITA720.535. The Lake Rocks*↓ 2
4Claudia PostiglioneITA518.7522. The Lake Rocks*↓ 1
5Paris KatnissUSA431.7722. Spring SUP Race*
6Jessica MatosBRA341.222. Ultimate Paddle Brazil*
7Lemekha ViraUKR320.1624. Trasimano SUP Race*
8Seychelle WebsterUSA307.213. BarcelonaNEW
9Laura QuetglasESP298.1427. Spanish Champs.*↓ 1
10Cieplinska MalgorzataPOL297.511. GlaGla*↓ 1

Men Tech. Race

Barcelona, Barcelona… Barcelona this was the race that moved athletes, except… Filippo Mercuriali, this guy was busy and with 4 races and an average of 433 points per race he is sitting pretty comfortable on top without having raced in Barcelona Runner up here is Rai Taguchi with an average score of 644, but Rai is leaving Europe and we might not see him racing against all the Europeans until the ICF at the end of the year. Donato Freens is still strong but had to give his 2nd spot to Rai. Also moving up strong is Paolo Marconi he was 4th in Barcelona and jumped from 10th to 4th place.

Itzel Delgado made a strong entry into the top 10 with his win in Barcelona collecting 1100 points with two races giving him a very strong average score. Right behind him is Sergio Cantoral who made 3rd in Barcelona. Ivan De Frutos Ruiz is back in the top then after getting pushed out for not racing at Faaker See.

RankNameNationPointsRacesLast ResultChange
1Filippo MercurialiITA1732.541. The Lake Rocks*
2Rai TaguchiJPN1288.822. Barcelona↑ 6
3Donato FreensNED1201.82310. Lake Rocks*↓ 1
4Paolo MarconiITA1123.6834. Barcelona↑ 6
5Cameron TripneyRSA1121.9436. Barcelona↓ 1
6Filippo AlbertiITA1119.247. Barcelona↓ 3
7Itzel DelgadoPER1100.1521. BarcelonaNEW
8Sergio CantoralESP1045.9133. BarcelonaNEW
9Santino BasadellaARG965.128. Barcelona↓ 2
10Ivan De Frutos RuizESP78739. BarcelonaRe enter

There were no Sprint Races this week.