SUP World Rankings Season 2024 Start

SUP Race enthusiast have been waiting for this moment: The start of the highly anticipated Stand Up Magazin Top Ten List by SWR.

We just finished the last weekend with the Spring SUP Race where some but by far not all of the known names competed in an ICF sanctioned race that held all 3 SUP disciplines: Longdistance, Tech. and Sprint. There is not much movement yet but some of the known names are on the score board and some other lesser known names too.

Next weekend we are looking at the Battle for Hercules in Spain. We are sure the field will be shuffled quite a bit as we may anticipate for the Spanish SUP Elite to show up for this race.

Men Longdistance

Just like in 2023 Donato Freens is very busy with his race schedule and his second place in Italy got him into the first place. Normen Weber who is probably easy 20 years older than Donato keeps up quite well. He finished 4th in Italy against many young guns. The name to look for here is Ray Taguchi, we have serious doubts that Rai jumped on a plane and flew back to Japan after this race. Is he spending the SUP Summer in Europe? Or was is visit in Italy at quick stop in Europe? We will know soon.

RankNameNationPointsRacesLast ResultChange
1Donato FreensNED1174.232. Spring SUP Race↑ 3
2Normen WeberGER863.5634. Spring SUP Race↑ 8
3Rai TaguchiJPN863.221. Sprint SUP RaceNEW
4Ludovic TeuladeFRA815.2426. Spring SUP Race↑ 3
5Bode von AllmenUSA797.8543. Dana Ocean Challenge↓ 5
6Thomas DusartFRA758.645. Mays SUP Race 53NEW
7Danny ChingUSA697.231. Dana Ocean Challenge↓ 4
8Joep van BakelNED582.0532. Winter Cup Kempen↓ 3
9Natapat KomanTHA553.822. SUP Addict Champ.↓ 3
10Ricardo RossiITA518.425. Sprint SUP RaceNEW

Women Longdistance

The points collected at the Spring SUP Race were not enough to change the current podium for the women. But when looking at the points distribution, then it becomes clear that if it look Samantha Eastburn 4 races to get to her points and Laura Quetglas only one to get to hers, that US races don’t weigh as much as European ones. We anticipate big changes to this list after the Battle for Hercules this weekend.

RankNameNationPointsRacesLast ResultChange
1Samantha EastburnUSA406.2242. Dana Ocean Challenge
2Juliette DuHaimeARG405.7521. ProSayulita SUP Open
3Soryn PrestonUSA402.0531. Dana Ocean Challenge
4Laura QuetglasESP385.511. Spring SUP RaceNEW
5Kunthong SupatchayaTHA316.221. SUP Addict Champ.↓ 1
6Vira LemekhaUKR310.422. Florence Paddle Games↓ 1
7Susak MolineroESP308.412. Spring SUP RaceNEW
8Petronella van MalsenNED297.511. GlaGla↓ 3
9Cecilia PampinellaITA246.7213. Spring SUP RaceNEW
10Lia VenturelliITA242.5227. Spring SUP RaceNEW

Men Tech. Race

Once again Donato Freens is leading the charge with the most races, but if Rai sticks around in Europe Donato will have to work hard for his lead.

RankNameNationPointsRacesLast ResultChange
1Donato FreensNED954.0223. Spring SUP Race
2Rai TaguchiJPN616.811. Spring SUP RaceNEW
3Filippo MercurialiITA539.712. Spring SUP RaceNEW
4Tomasso PampinellaITA416.512. GlaGla↓ 2
5Cameron TripneyRSA416.3414. Srping SUP RaceNEW
6Christian AndersenDEN379.611. ProSayulita SUP Open↓ 3
7Ricardo RossiITA370.0815. Spring SUP RaceNEW
8Leo NikaITA368.913. GlaGla↓ 4
9Ludovic TeuladeFRA339.2416. Spring SUP RaceNEW
10Itzel DelgadoPER332.1512. Pro Sayulita SUP Open↓ 5

Women Tech. Race

We do not recognize many of the names in this list. We see Cecilia Pampinella paddling strong. With Paris Katniss from the US we might have a dark horse on our hands here. Paris last race was in Mexico at the ProSayulita SUP Open were she was 4th. Who know maybe we have new name to look out for from the US. Time will tell.

RankNameNationPointsRacesLast ResultChange
1Paris KatnissUSA431.7722. Spring SUP Race↑  8
2Cecilia PampinellaITA385.511. Spring SUP RaceNEW
3Cieplinska MalgorzataPOL297.511. GlaGla↓ 2
4Laura QuetglasESP246.7213. Spring SUP RaceNEW
5Lemekha ViraUKR23812. GlaGla↓ 3
6Duhaime JulietteARG237.2511 ProSayulita SUP Open↓ 3
7Marta ApanasewiczPOL200.4614. Spring SUP RaceNEW
8Zusanna TylingoPOL190.413. GlaGla↓ 4
9Sofia FinerMEX189.812. ProSayulita SUP Open↓ 4
10Jessica MatosBRA18111. Aloha Spirit FestivalNEW

Men Sprint

Besides for Filippo Mercuriali this was pretty much a season opener he already won the sprint race at the Florence Paddle Games but the points there were so low that all the other racers from that race were not able to hold on to their position after the Spring SUP Race. Since SUP Sprints seem to be the least favorite race category we don’t anticipate for this list to change anytime soon.

RankNameNationPointsRacesLast ResultChange
1Filippo MercurialiITA718.0223. Spring SUP Race
2Cameron TripneyRSA616.811. Spring SUP RaceNEW
3Normen WeberGER539.712. Spring SUP RaceNEW
4Sergio CantoralESP416.3414. Spring SUP RaceNEW
5Iwai SotaJPN370.0815. Spring SUP RaceNEW
6Rai TaguchiJPN339.2416. Spring SUP RaceNEW
7Doukas PhaedonGRE308.417. Spring SUP RaceNEW
8Samuel PeskaCZE277.5618. Spring SUP RaceNEW
9Antonio MorilloESP246.7219. Spring SUP RaceNEW
10Linus KarlssonSWE215.88110. Spring SUP RaceNEW

Women Sprint

This list pertty much represents the top results from the Spring SUP Race. We have three American ladies still in this race and recognize one of the OGs in the SUP Sport, Candice Appleby. Its great to see she is racing mostly in California. It sure would be great to see her sometime join some races in Europe.

RankNameNationPointsRacesLast Result
1Cecilia PampinellaITA385.511.Spring SUP Race
2Susak MolineroESP308.412. Spring SUP Race
3Kyriaki LogothetiGRE246.7213. Spring SUP Race
4Sabine FischerSUI200.4614. Spring SUP Race
5Marta ApanasewiczPOL154.215. Spring SUP Race
6Candice ApplebyUSA13111. Afterglow Series 1
7Maria MettaITA123.3616. Spring SUP Race
8Samantha EastburnUSA104.812. Afterglow Series 1
9Laura QuetglasESP92.5217. Spring SUP Race
10Lindsay WeidnerUSA83.8413. Afterglow Series 1