PanAm Games SUP Results

The mens Tech. Race was dominated by Connor Baxter with a solid 35 seconds lead over Itzel Delgado. Followed by the South American Elite paddlers from various countries. The time gap from the third to the fourth place indicates that there is quite a difference in paddling abilities amongst these athletes. Sadly the PanAm games was hard to find to watch some live action as these events don’t use the commonly used streaming channels such as Facebook and Youtube, so we don’t know how the races went down exactly.

  1. BAXTER Connor – USA – 00:12:49,9
  2. DELGADO Itzel – PER – 00:13:25,2
  3. BASALDELLA Santino – ARG – 00:13:59,4
  4. LEÃO David – BRA – 00:15:19,2
  5. AVILA Ricardo – PUR – 00:15:51,8
  6. CAMACHO Carlo – CRC – 00:17:42,9
  7. DARBYSHIRE Mike – CAN – 00:19:53,9
  8. RODRIGUEZ Lukas – URU – 00:20:11,6
  9. PONCE José – CHI – 00:22:01,9

The womens race almost looked like a reunion from past days. We had Candice Appleby in there a BOP contender from the first days and Jenny Kalmbach who is one of the early M2O champions. Further in the back was Lina Augaitis, Lina was a super star paddler in her days and more often than not showed Candice Appleby and Annabel Anderson who is boss on the race course. The way we remember her, we are sure she was looking for a better result than is.

As a bit of a surprise comes Marie Carmen Riveras third place. Her last appearance was the ISA SUP World Championships in France where she did very well. Being this far behind the semi retired Jenny and Candice for sure was a bit of a surprise.

  1. APPLEBY Candice – USA – 00:15:24,9
  2. KALMBACH Jennifer – CRC – 00:15:47,8
  3. RIVERA Mariecarmen – PUR – 00:16:36,4
  4. FINER Sofia – MEX – 00:17:28,3
  5. GONZALEZ Juliana – ARG – 00:18:14,6
  6. RIBEIRO Lena – BRA – 00:18:43,5
  7. VECCO Giannisa – PER – 00:19:00,9
  8. BODDEN Stephanie – PAN – 00:19:56,0
  9. AUGAITIS Lina – CAN – 00:20:09,0
  10. PÉREZ Carla – CHI – 00:20:50,1

In SUP Surfing Zane Schweitzer from Maui is winning his final clear over the Brazilian Louiz Diniz in what appears to be a pretty clear hear. Zane posted an 8.5 and a 7.5 both in the excellent range. Diniz was not able to get up to the numbers like Zane posting a 5.5 and a 4.73.

In the women final we saw Izzi Gomez, competing under the Colombian flag, a well known name in the SUP world. She was up against Aline Adisaka from Brazil. The ladies final was a close call. Izzi had a nice wave with a 5.6 score and her second best wave was a disappointing 2.6. Aline was more consistent with her scoring but could not live up to Izzis 5.6. At the end Izzi won with a total of 7.93 to 7.04 for Aline.