SUP World Ranking Updates

The SUP Race World has been quiet the last 2 weeks but this weekend we had 2 big SUP Races. There was th Punta Ala Longdistance race and the Adria SUP Challenge with a day of Longdistance and a day of Tech. Races. Both races had a good turn out and attracted some elite paddlers. Punta Ala was part of the EURO TOUR and the Adria race was part of the SUP Alps Trophy. These two events contributed to some movement in the top 10 world ranking.

Men Longdistance

Donato Freens solidified his top spot with a 2. place in Punta Ala behind Michael Booth. It was great to see Boothy back on the race course and his win in this EURO TOUR event got him the 6. place in the world top ten. From Germany Normen Weber moved up into the top three by winning the Adria SUP Challenge. However it was mostly the EURO TOUR event that made for most of the movements. New in the top then are also Davide Alpino and Blue Ewer with a 6. and 7. place. As one exception Asger Smidt moves up 2 spots with his 3. place in the Danish SUP Tour in Vejle.

RankName CountryRacesPoints Change
1Donato FreensNED123755.05
2Christian AndersonDEN82602.25
3Normen WeberGER82361.88↑2
4Ludovic TeuladeFRA62237.45↓1
5Bruno HasulyoHUN62069.05↓1
6Michael BoothAUS51927.9NEW
7Kaelan LockhartAUS91924.6↓1
8Asger SmidtDEN91923.46↑2
9Davide AlpinoITA61917NEW
10Blue EwerUK61906.14NEW

Women Longdistance

There is not much movement in the women top then as the big points were all collected in the beginning of the season. However: Notice Anna Tschirky, she is now only 90 points behind Esperanza. Anna has been busy collecting points and her 2. Place at the EURO TOUR have moved her dangerously close to Espe. Cecilia Pampinella who won the Punta Ala race is catching up in points as well, but it remains to be seen if she can beat Anna before the year ends.

The new comers in the top then are Claudia Postiglione with a 4. place in Punta Ala and Emma Freja Pedersen with a win at the Danish SUP Tour in Vejle.

RankName CountryRacesPoints Change
1Esperanza BarrerasESP82527.3
2Anna TschirkySUI112437.02
3Cecilia PampinellaITA82088.85
4Duna GordilloESP71723.65
5Candice ApplebyUSA61009.55
6Tanja EckerGER6975.55
7Emma Freja PedersenDEN7913.89NEW
8Claudia PostiglioneITA6885.89NEW
9Peronella van MalsenNED5824.21↓2
10Juliette DuHaimeARG5796.94↓2

Men Tech. Race

With most top ten paddlers attending the EURO TOUR focusing on Longdistance there were no changes in the worlds top ten.

1Christian AndersenDEN72563.53
2Connor BaxterUSA42016.8
3Davide AlpinoITA61758
4Shuri ArakiJPN31636.05
5Ollie HoughtonNZL51580.29
6Donato FreensNED51511.22
7Fernando PerezESP51467.32
8Claudio NikaITA51387.95
9Linus KarlssonSWE51415.02
10Blue EwerGBR41282.76

Women Tech. Race

There were minimal changes as all the women were paddling the EURO TOUR event. Only on the bottom there was Skadi Langbein getting extra points from her 3. place at the Finále Českého Poháru and the news name in the 10. place is Marta Apanasewicz who was 2. at the Finále Českého Poháru.

1Cecilia PampinellaITA71511.39
2Esperanza BarrerasESP51498.23
3Juliette DuHaimeARG51334.44
4Caroline KuntzelDEN4970.19
5Anna TschirkySUI5888.4
6Fiona WyldeUSA3831.8
7Claudio PostiglioneITA6773.27
8Duna GordilloESP3749.3
9Skadi LangbeinGER5727.6
10Marta ApanasewiczPOL4645.65NEW