SUP World Championships 2023 Overview

The SUP Race season is far from over. Even if the summer is winding down in the northern hemisphere, we still have three big SUP events on the schedule. Starting this weekend is the ISA SUP Worlds in France at Les Sables D’Olonne. With the excitement growing for the competition, for some unknown reason the ISA has not released a roster of athletes and generally there is not that much information to find. What we could find was a tentative schedule on the ISA website, as well as a shady Facebook group that was posted underneath all ISA Facebook posts the last few weeks. From what we can tell is that, the racing will be happing in the second part of the week. The official opening will be on September 24th, so all eyes on that so we see who is showing up.

Following the ISA Worlds, two weeks after some athletes will be travelling to Peniche in Portugal for the ESF SUP Championships staring on October 14th. If you think the ISA has little information on their event try the ESF, there is absolutely nothing to find on the ESF website. (Not even going to post a link, sorry.) We must assume that the ESF is communicating their event entirely via TOTAL SUP as even their Facebook page is pointing towards TOTAL SUP. This is good news for the sport as we can trust that Mathieu is going to do a great job covering the event. As for now, same like the ISA, we do not have a list of national teams joining the competition.

Just a few weeks after the athletes are travelling to Thailand for the season finale so to speak: The ICF SUP World Championships held from November 15th to 19th. Since this event is still just about two month out and athletes do not have to sign up via their national federation, we also do not have a list of participants. However, since the ICF is the only one that pays out price money, it is safe to assume that the entire world elite will show up in Thailand.

Stay tuned for the action to come as we follow along remotely, relying on the organizers and media like TOTAL SUP to get the full scoop on what is going on. As for now we have to say, that we are a bit in disbelieve to we have at least two presumably major events and this little info an PR in advance.