ISA SUP World Championships Info

It’s like the ISA is reading the Stand Up Magazin. After our article talking about the lack of information about the upcoming SUP event, we just received a newsletter giving us some information. We still don’t have a full team roster online but some of the big names have been released. Most surprising probably is that Titouan Puyo seems to come out of retirement for this event.

Returning Champions

The competition promises to be intense, with multiple gold medalists returning, including Justine Dupont (FRA), Titouan Puyo (FRA), Julen Marticorena (FRA), Claudio Nika (ITA), Michael Booth (AUS), Christian Andersen (DEN), Esperanza Barreras (ESP), and Tarryn King (RSA), along with defending 2022 World Champions Lucia Cosoleto (ARG), Shuri Araki(JPN), Judit Verges (ESP), Duna Gordillo (ESP), Yurika Horibe (JPN), Vaic Garioud (FRA), and Cecilia Pampinella (ITA).

We are sure there are many more big names as we are just looking at returning champions right now.

The World Championship features eight medal-awarding disciplines, including:

  • Men’s and Women’s SUP Technical Race
  • Boy’s and Girl’s Under-18 SUP Technical Race
  • Men’s and Women’s Paddleboard Technical Race
  • Men’s and Women’s SUP Distance Race
  • Men’s and Women’s Paddleboard Distance Race
  • Men’s and Women’s SUP Sprint Race
  • Team Relay Race
  • Men’s and Women’s SUP Surfing

The World Championship will feature four separate race courses for the Technical Race, Distance Race, Sprint Race and Team Relay Race. The courses are designed to challenge the world-class athletes with various conditions while displaying the beauty of the coast of France.

  • September 23 – Press Conference, 10:00am (La Grande Plage Hospitality Area)
  • September 24 – Opening Ceremony, 5:00pm (La Grande Plage)
  • September 25-27 – SUP Surfing (Plage du Tanchet)
  • September 28-29 – Technical Racing (La Grande Plage)
  • September 30 – Long Distance Racing (La Grande Plage)
  • October 1 – Sprint Races, Relay Races, Closing Ceremony (La Grande Plage)

As of right now there are no changes made to the ISA website. So we stay tuned for the live shows, hopefully to be seen on youtube.