SUP World Rankings Update and Changes

With the EURO TOUR in Nordhausen and the SUP Alps Trophy the day after only one car hour south of Nordhausen many SUP Race Lovers paddled 2 races. It was mostly the German elite that made the trip from the EURO TOUR to the SUP Alps Trophy, which is kind of unfortunate as the next race was only one hour away and on the following day.

Men Longdistance

Germanys Normen Weber capitalized on the opportunity to get 2 great results over the weekend and with a 1st place at the Lago di Alpi and a 4th place in Nordhausen he moved straight into spot number 5. Donato Freens remains in the top spot solidifying his position with another podium at the EURO TOUR. His biggest contender from earlier this season, Ludovic Teulade, seems to have other plans than SUP racing right now and the gap between the two keeps growing. The big winner of the EURO TOUR in Nordhausen was Noic Garioud moving up 4 spots and if he would have gone to the Lago di Alpi he might have moved up even more.

Michael Booth finally made the worlds top ten with his 2nd place in Germany and so did Manuel Lauble

1Donato FreensNED82793.05
2Ludovic TeuladeFRA52039.7
3Bruno HasulyoHUN51886.63
4Noic GarioudFRA31826.8↑4
5Normen WeberGER61730.68NEW
6Michael BoothAUS41547.9NEW
7Kaelan LockhartBEL/AUS71494.8↓3
8Bodie von AlmenUSA61487.08↓3
9Blue EwerGBR41455.54↓3
10Manuel LaubleGER61419.65NEW

Women Longdistance

Esperanza won yet another EURO TOUR and continues do solidify her lead over the rest of the field. In fact as far as the EURO TOUR rankings go nobody will be able to catch her anymore. The race behind Esperanza how ever remains suspenseful. Cecilia Pampinella moved up one spot with her 2nd place in Nordhausen, but Anna Tschirky remains in 2nd place but her points advantage is getting smaller. Duna Gordillo was absent in Nordhausen and therefore is getting pushed down on to the 4th spot.

The new arrival this week is Tanja Ecker who paddeld 2 great results this weekend. She came in 5th at the EURO TOUR and 2nd at the SUP Alps Trophy, that moved her up 8 spots and into the top 10.

2Anna TschirkySUI71634.02
3Cecilia PampinellaITA61491.35↑1
4Duna GordilloESP61397.9↓1
5Candice ApplebyUSA5837.75
6Susanne Eder-MeyerGER6795.49
7Iona RivetFRA5770.6
8Claudia PostiglioneITA5762.39↑1
9Alaba FreyESP3700.48↓1
10Tanja EckerGER4609.25NEW

There were no Tech. Races and Sprint Races this past weekend.