SUP World Rankings end of July

General note: Due to data change from the Agios on SUP there were 212 athletes instead of 271 and 20 countries instead of 16. This data change has led to a change in the score of the athletes present in Greece. The consequence of this was that we had some movement in the top 10 due to this circumstance.

Otherwise we had a fairly quiet weekend. The Gorge Paddle Challenge is on the same path as the races on Hawaii: SUP is dwindling and everybody is jumping on SUP Foil Racing. We did have some names in Hoodriver but the impact this event had was minimal.

There was also a race in Italy, the Xmasters SUP Race. IT did make a small difference in the Tech. category. Once again we are impressed with the work Tibor Hasulyo does. He is getting data from races we never even heard of.

Men Longdistance

Bodie von Almen made 3rd in Hoodriver and regained his presence in the Worlds Top 10.

RankName CountryRacesPoints Change
1Donato FreensNED103212.95
2Christian AndersonDEN72247.85
3Bruno HasulioHUN62069.05
4Ludovic TeuladeFRA52039.7
5Normen WeberGER72024.68
6Kaelan LockhartAUS91924.6
7Noic GarioudFRA31826.8
8Bodie von AlmenUSA71753.37NEW
9Blue EwerGBR51716.14↓1
10Davide AlpinoITA51708↓1

Ladies Longdistance

Juliette Duhaime made the 5th place in Hoodriver. This result got her on World Number 7 rank.

RankName CountryRacesPoints Change
1Esperanza BarrerasESP82527.3
2Anna TschirkySUI92105.77
3Cedilia PampinellaITA71815.1
4Duna GordilloESP71723.65
5Candice ApplebyUSA61009.55
6Peronella van MalsenNED5824.21
7Juliette DuHaimeARG5796.94NEW
8Susanne Eder-MeyerGER6795.49↓1
9Iona RivetFRA5770.6↓1
10Claudio PostiglioneITA5762.39↓1

Women Tech. Race

The lead change on the top is the result of the score adjustment based on the Agios on SUP discrepancy. Other than that Fiona Wylde was 2. at the Gorge and Juliette DuHaime was 5th.- Claudia Postiglione moved up due to her 1. place in the Xmasters SUP Race.

1Cecilia PampinellaITA71511.39↑1
2Esperanza BarrerasESP51498.23↓1
3Juliette DuHaimeARG51334.44
4Caroline KuntzelDEN4970.19
5Anna TschirkySUI5888.4
6Fiona WyldeUSA1831.8↑1
7Claudio PostiglioneITA6773.27↑2
8Duna GordilloESP3749.3↓2
9Skadi LangbeinGER4631.6
10Melanie LafenetreFRA2559

Men Tech. Race

There was no significant impact from the Greece race but we have Arthur Arutkin in 2. at the Gorge and he made top 9 this week. Davide Alpino won the Xmasters SUP race and moved up 3 spots.

1Christian AndersenDEN62209.13
2Connor BaxterUSA42016.8
3Davide AlpinoITA61758↑3
4Shuri ArakiJPN31636.05↓1
5Ollie HoughtonNZL51580.29↓1
6Donato FreensNED51511.22↓1
7Claudio NikaITA51387.95
8Blue EwerGBR41282.76
9Arthur ArutkinFRA51347.77NEW
10Ludvic TeuladeFRA41299.54↓1

Sprint Men

All the changes in the sprint races stem from the Greece-Points discrepancy.

1Andrei  KraitorBUL1576
2Filippo MercuraliITA1504
3Matej SmidaSVK2448.72
4Christian AndersenDEN1446.4↑1
5Ondej PetrakCZE2417.12↓1
6Davide AlpinoITA1388.8↑2
7Vojta SeidenglanzCZE2372.88↓1
8Petr RohlenaCZE2357.04
9Paolo MarconiITA1345.6New
10Roman KlepacCZE3320.4

Sprint Women

1Iva DundovaCZE3452.25
2Linda SyrovatkaCZE4384.06
3Caroline KuntzelDEN1360
4Cecilia PampinellaITA1288↑1
5Lucie RaabCZE4284.68↓1
6Skadi LangbeinGER2251.4
7Juliette DuHaimeARG1230.4
8Anna HykovaCZE2202.24
9Irene NeegreeTHA1197.75
10Karolina UhrovaCZE2191.16