Molokai2Oahu 2023 Results

The Molokai2Oahu was a full success and as far as the Foil Divisions go also ultra fast. Here are the results and the new times we have to get used to. The participation in the Men SUP Foiling Division will only grow from here and had tripled since the last race in 2019. From an over all perspective the race was fully sold out and the prone divison made the biggest one by far. From what we hear there were 60% first time participants over all.


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Line Honors Top 25 Times

PlaceNameCategoryTimeCategory Place
1Finn SpencerMWINNER WFOIL1:31:291
2Aidan NicholasMWINNER WFOIL1:37:332
3Bobo GallagherMWINNER WFOIL1:43:083
4Alan CadizWINGFOIL M40+1:50:391
5Robert StehlikWINGFOIL M40+1:55:032
6Justin SimmerWINGFOIL MO1-391:55:461
7Zane SchweitzerWINGFOIL MO1-392:04:282
8Fellipe ValadaoWINGFOIL MO1-392:09:443
9Nani Dalene NekobaFWINNER WFOIL2:10:021
10James CaseyMWINNER FOIL2:19:021
11Oskar JohanssonMWINNER FOIL2:21:052
12Edoardo TanasMWINNER FOIL2:23:043
13Kai LennyFOIL MO1-392:24:081
14Andrew GibbonsFOIL MO1-392:25:012
15Mateo EllFOIL MO1-392:26:043
16Victor PlaisanceWINGFOIL MO1-392:28:014
17Michi SchweigerWINGFOIL M40+2:35:223
18Raiarii FadierFOIL MO1-392:37:024
19Brady HurleyFOIL MO1-392:37:055
20Perth StandlickFOIL MO1-392:37:556
21Kane De WildeFOIL MO1-392:38:037
22Jeffrey SpencerFOIL MO1-392:40:008
23Malae McElhenyFOIL MO1-392:45:009
24Jack HoFOIL MO1-392:45:0510
25Matt NottageFOIL MO1-392:45:0611

Results by category

Wingfoiling Men

The wingfoilers are by far the fastest. They are super hard to follow with boats for content. Finn Spencer turned out to be the fastest in the water. Australian first time Aidan Nicholas a bit of a dark horse in this space made phenomenal second. Only 14 year old Bobo Gallagher came in 3rd. Big shout out also to Alan Cadiz who held an amazing time for the seasoned veterans out there.

1Finn Spencer1:31:29
2Aidan Nicholas1:37:33
3Bobo Gallagher1:43:08
4Alan Cadiz1:50:39
5Robert Stehlik1:55:03
6Justin Simmer1:55:46
7Zane Schweitzer2:04:28
8Fellipe Valadao2:09:44
9Victor Plaisance2:28:01
10Michi Schweiger2:35:22
11Jeff Howard2:54:00
12Cole Wiley3:37:17

Wingfoil Women

1Nani Dalene Nekoba2:10:02
2Anna Kalabukhova3:15:21

SUP Foiling Women

The finish between Olivia and Annie was very painful. Olivia lost flight outside of China Wall where water was riddled with waves from all directions having to watch Annie fly by. Unfortunately Annie lost her flight not far down the line in the surf spot as Olivia really dug in and used all her SUP power to over take Annie in the final stretch in dead flat water.

1Olivia Piana2:57:01
2Annie Reickert3:02:00
3Andrea Moller3:21:26
4Gabriella Bella3:58:58

SUP Foiling men

The mens field was extremely interesting and as we see in the results we have to get used to some new names. Big shout out to James Casey who won the SUP category back in 2019 and returned to the channel on foil. It was not until the final stretch inside China Wall were he was able to over take Oskar Johansson, a first timer at the M2O and definitely a dark horse in this race. A big surprise for the broader audience was that Kai Lenny did not make the over all podium, but as he said in the beginning: There are many new people and equipment developers in the race and could really be anybodies game.

For now the new record that will be chased is James time. In fact everybody including the 6th place beat Kai Lennys old record from 2019.

1James Casey2:19:02
2Oskar Johansson2:21:05
3Edoardo Tanas2:23:04
4Kai Lenny2:24:08
5Andrew Gibbons2:25:01
6Mateo Ell2:26:04
7Raiarii Fadier2:37:02
8Brady Hurley2:37:05
9Perth Standlick2:37:55
10Kane De Wilde2:38:03
11Jeffrey Spencer2:40:00
12Malae McElheny2:45:00
13Jack Ho2:45:05
14Matt Nottage2:45:06
15Simeon Kepaloma2:51:50
16Tom Constant2:52:30
17Nick Herrera2:54:00
18Armie Armstrong2:55:00
19Dane Wilson2:55:10
20Nicholas Kapule2:56:01
21Eric Sterman3:03:30
22Moeava Laurens3:08:15
23Shep Nelson3:15:03
24Josh Ku3:18:33
25Tiago Campos3:20:02
26Kai Thompson3:22:02
27Dave Kissane3:22:43
28Castle Foti3:25:06
29Maximus Cook3:32:00
30Torea Charles3:35:05
31Heimana Chene4:17:00
32Cole Kawana4:18:20
33Jesse Yonover4:18:20
34Kahala Sodaro5:31:00
35Paul McDonnell6:38:30
36Fred Bonnef6:51:00

SUP Unlimited

The Unlimited SUP was won by Yusuke Hyogo who paddeled on one of Travis Grants old board surprisingly beating long time SUP Athlete and now North Shore Liveguard Mo Freitas. Tommaso Pampinella said he wants to come back to Hawaii and maybe do a relay race with his sister Cecilia.

As we can see from the times it was not a record breaking year.

1Yusuke Hyogo4:45:03
2Mo Freitas5:12:03
3Kosuke Matsuyama5:51:40
4Tommaso Pampinella6:12:46
5Andry Rosa6:36:43
6Jason Stephens6:42:28

SUP Stock (14′)

1Shota Kurima6:41:32