EURO TOUR Nordhausen Results

Epic day of racing in Nordhause for the third edition of Südharzer SUP Cup with the amazing clear water of lake Sundhäuser making for some intense battles.

The battle for the  EURO TOUR 2023 rankings was an all time high today with Noic Garioud  wanting to desperately secure his third win in front of his teammate and 3x EURO TOUR winner Michael Booth. The duo worked together all race with a frantic sprint to the finish line. On yet another great performance the Dutch Junior Donato Freens who took the superlap first along with fellow teammate Normen Weber 4th and almost upset the entire field coming 24sec off the overall win. Closing out the Top 5 was Brazilian Eri Tenorio that out-sprinted Ollie Houghton and Ole Schwarz.


1NOïC GARIOUD1:00:33Elite M
2Michael Booth1:00:35Elite M
3Donato Freens1:00:57Elite Junior
4Norman Weber 1:01:02Elite M
5Eri Tenorio1:01:59Elite M
6Ollie Houghton1:02:01Elite M
7Ole Schwarz1:02:02Elite M
8Jonathan Hegan1:02:28Elite M
9Asger Smidt1:04:45Elite Junior
10Hermann Husslein1:04:49Elite M
11Andrey Kraitor1:04:50Elite M
12Bastian Grimm1:04:53Elite M
13Matia Livornese1:05:12Elite Junior
14Peter Weidert1:05:18Elite Kahuna
15Ricardo Haverschmidt1:05:54Elite M
16Linus Karlsson1:05:59Elite M
17Ondre Petrak1:06:24Elite M
18Marlon Daskiran1:07:29Elite Junior
19Will Keetley1:07:30EliteM
20TOMAS LELOVITS1:07:38Elite Master
21Timo Hage1:08:23Elite Master
22Cedric Fahlbusch1:08:48U16
23Maximus Sijrier1:08:56U14
24Raphael Habiger1:09:06U16
25Benyam Bossack1:10:12U14
26Anton Birkicht1:10:32U16
27Serge Sabato1:11:02U12
28Justin Walemark1:11:13Elite Master
29Mateo Pernisco1:11:17U16
30Riccardo Postillone1:12:32U16
31Lasse-Niklas Sauerteig1:12:34Elite M
32Toni Peuker1:13:43Elite Master
33Enrico Völzke1:14:12Elite Kahuna
34Steven Knorr1:15:04Elite Master
35Dominik Grießenböck1:17:07Elite M
36Martin Pyffrader1:19:01Elite Kahuna
37Lars Honscha1:24:12U16

On the ladies side Espe made it her 6th win and pretty much closed the books on the EURO TOUR 2023. She is the queen of the the EURO TOUR 2023. In second was Cecilia Pampinella who took the superlap first along with the Swiss  Anna Tschirky. Perhaps with the performance of the event 15 years old Italian Claudia Postiglionne finished 4th securing her a bright future. Closing out the Top 5 was German Tanja Ecker that barely out-sprinted Pretronella Van Malsen in 6th. Special mention to Susanne Lier 7th that had a great race besides organizing the entire event.


1Esperanza Barreras1:07:34Elite W
2Cecilia Pampinella1:10:12Elite Junior
3Anna Tschirky1:10:15Elite W
4Claudia Postillone1:13:34U16
5Tanja Ecker1:14:12Elite W
6Petronella Van Malsen1:14:14Elite Master
7Susanne Lier1:15:34Elite Master
8Iva Dundova1:15:56Elite W
9Skadi Langbein1:16:23Elite Junior
10Emma Freja Pedersen1:17:36Elite W
11Julija Doma1:18:21Elite Master
12Petra Pyffrader1:18:27Elite Kahuna
13Sveva Sabato1:18:31U14
14Sabine Fischer1:19:21Elite W
15Laila Daskiran1:22:36U16
16Julia Georgi1:22:42Elite W
17Myrte Derks1:23:21Elite Master
18Lindaq Syrovatkova1:23:46Elite Junior
19Jaya Chandola1:26:43Elite W
20Tina Funke1:26:49Elite Kahuna
21Katharina Kiecksee1:27:02Elite W
22Efe Eribo1:27:13Elite Kahuna
23Felicity Hurst1:27:52Elite W
24Matilde Gallo1:28:12U12
25Vivien Franke1:29:34U14