SUP World Rankings Weekly Update

Another week passed without a major SUP Race. The SUP community was rather racing at some smaller event in Spain and France. One advantage or a disadvantage in others opinion, is that you can make your way up in the ranking by attending medium ranked events and do well.

The biggest change was that Ludovic Teulade dethroned Donato Freens with a long distance win at the Esterel SUP Race. He also won the Tech. Race which moved him up 5 spots in the ranking there. Most of his contenders took the weekend off.

Noteworthy also is the rise of Aaron Sanchez, he moved up due to his win at the Triple ESE Festival Melilla in Spain. He also won the Tech. Race but the points were not enough to move into the top 10.


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Longdistance Top 10 Men

1Ludovic TeuladeFRA41642.8↑2
2Donato FreensNED41580.56↓1
3Bodiie von AlmenUSA61487.08↓1
4Noic GarioudFRA21323.2
5Aaron SanchezESP41285.12↑5
6Bruno HasulyoHUN31223.88↓1
7Danny ChingUSA41150.6↓1
8Kaelan LockhartBEL/AUS51108.6↓1
9Antonio MorilloESP41051.98NEW
10Christian AndersenDEN41021.2↓2

Tech. Race Top 10 Men

1Christian AndersenDEN2870.6
2Donato FreensNED2824
3Connor BaxterHAW1800
4Ludovic TeuladeFRA2785.04↑5
5Noic GarioudFRA1700↓1
6Shur ArakiJPN1620↓1
7Claudio NikaITA2612.5↓1
8Davide AlpinoITA2585.6↓1
9Chou Ting FengTPE2579.97↓1
10Ollie HoughtonNZL2546

Longdistance Race Top 10 Women

BIG NEWS on the women side

Even we could not find the official results according to the SUP World Rankings. Duna Gordillo win the Longdistance and Tech. Race at the Tripple ESE Festival Melilla. This is big because the unbeatable Esperanza Barreras competed as well. Sadly it did not result in a big change of rankings. Duna moved up one spot at the expense of Candice Appleby but Espe still with the most races, keeping a very strong lead.

2Anna TschirkySUI4945.78
3Cecilia PampinellaITA4872.05
4Duna GordilloESP4857.9↑1
5Candice ApplebyUSA4706.75↓1
6Alaba FreyESP3700.48
7Susanne Eder-MeyerGER4505.09
8Soryn PrestonUSA4453.39
9Claudia PostiglioneITA3444.72
10Laura QuetglasESP3395.59NEW

Tech. Race Race Top 10 Women

With this being her only Tech. Race of the year, Duna Gordillo was not able to move into the Top 10 list quite yet. Esperanza now has 3 Tech. Races under her belt and her 6th place in Spain this weekend gave her 54.88 extra points to widen her slim lead over Caroline Küntzel.

2Caroline KüntzelDEN2512.8
3Juliette Du HaimeARG2511.25
4Cecilia PampinellaITA3503.49
5Fiona WyldeUSA1500
6Susanne Eder-MeyerGER2402.2
7Melanie LafenetreFRA1400
9Claudia PostiglioneITA2318.32
10Lola PelletierFRA1252

Sprint Races

Once again we did not have any sprint races this weekend. In fact we find it quite interesting to see that most races are long distance races. We do how ever not understand why organizers put so much focus on Longdistance Races. From all the formats they are the least spectator friendly ones. The same applies to Tech. Races the number of races athletes completed is very low in compare to the Longdistance Race discipline.

The APP did hold a regional event in South Korea this weekend. As it appears this event did not make it into the SUP World Rankings.