EURO TOUR Rankings

We just received the rankings of the EURO TOUR as they are standing after the SUP World Festival. The EURO TOUR concluded 3 races so far and we have many more to come. Next stop is the Madeira SUP Challenge and then we look at 9 more races until the season is completed. On the ladies side we see a strong dominance of Esperanza Barreras, she won all 3 race so far and as we established in earlier articles she seems to be pretty much without competition. So far only Duna Gordillo beat her at a recent race in Spain, but we did not get any details on that. Let’s see if Duna can beat Espe on the stage of the EURO TOUR.

On the men side, Noic Garioud entered the tour at the 2nd stop in Sevilla with a victory and backed his score up with another victory at the World SUP Festival. He is now leading ahead of Donato Freens by 15 points, not enough to call it a solid lead. It will be interesting to see who is making the trip to Madeira this weekend as Bruno Hasulyo is on the heels of both of them.

Women Top 20 of 55

Men Top 20 of 127