SUP USA Rankings

Besides the Carolina Cup the competitive world of SUP has pretty much moved to Europe. The world has pretty much lost focus what is going on in SUP in the USA. There are still world class athletes in this country as well as some young promising athletes. However, it seems like somehow the US has lost its SUP edge.

Not anymore, with the founding of SUP USA, a membership organization spearheaded by Kristin Thomas we got a breath of live back in the the sport.

In their latest news letter SUP USA is now releasing their first annual SUP Ranking.

Kristin Thomas:

What I’m most excited about today is releasing USA SUP rankings 2022! You can see a sneak peak below, but be sure to click through to our website to find your name on the pages! As we formed this organization last year, we took on the daunting task of attempting to include every US paddler & every US race. While we still have a ways to go,  thanks to the hared work and tech skills of Board member Grant Cooper, we were able to rank 741 women, 1,135 men and 121 races throughout the United States of America. While we are very proud that we are getting these rankings out, we were not able to do all the hope to do in the future when we have more information from paddlers, better communication with race directors & race platforms, and continuity about how races are reported. Check out our FAQs to understand the data reported in these first ever USA SUP Rankings and learn how to provide feedback. “

Here are the top names in SUP in 2022:

Men Top 20 Athletes in 2022

Bodie Von Allmen271
Danny Ching264
Jake Graham247
Riley Jaggi241
Michael Chiang221
Ryan Smart218
Kurt Benson217
Derek Turner211
Dennis Gibson208
Juerg Geser196
Itzel Delgado196
Dale Marnati196
Sean Sullivan195
Robert Howson194
Rich D’Souza192
Tony Forcier189
Phil Coffman186
Dan Miller185
Alan Chalom182
Paul Pianowski181

Women Top 20 Athletes in 2022

Candice Appleby121
Soryn Preston106
April Zilg103
Maylee Jaggi102
Julie Coyle99
Kristin Thomas97
Jessica Morgan89
Susan Krupa McCune88
Terri Plunkett87
Shondra Lichtenberg87
Brittany Carey82
Sarah Filion78
Judy Kahan76
Nea Lee73
Katie  Kasprzyk73
Heidi Kemler-Stapula73
Kattie Carpenter70
Julie Miller69
Jen Fuller66
Lindsay Weidne