EURO TOUR Sevilla SUP Festival Results

The Sevilla SUP Festival turned out to be a great success, in fact that much of a success that the EURO TOUR sees a great potential for Sevilla to become the new Bilbao. Quote:

“We are amazed with our first event in #sevilla The potential of the city reminds us of what used to be our key event in Bilbao We want to thank the entire team of organizers & volunteers of Sevilla SUP Festival Race.”

The men’s finish was rather suspenseful. We saw the pack of the three leaders battling and trying to catch Noic, closely followd by Donato Freens who once again finished in the top tier of contestants.

Looking at the finishing times of the ladies we once again saw Espe Barreras and Duna Gordillo finish on the top while Espe still has quite the upper hand on Duna. Anna Tschriky from Switzerland was just a second behind Duna and not far behind her was Erica Revil. We do have a strong group of young ladies but Espe knows how to keep them in check.

We also like to thank Paco Freens (Donato’s dad) for his insight:

The race was held on the beautiful Quadalquivir river running right through the heart of Sevilla. The race for the elite was a 3 lap, 4.5 km per lap race, going up the river and back again with left hand turns. The start was right in front of a bridge adjacent to Mercado de lonja del Barranco, a historical building turned into funky bar restaurant, from there the riders went under two bridges and turned at the fourth bridge to head back to the start, and turn to complete a lap.

Noic, Bruno, Christian, Aaron, Leo, Antonio Morillo were all good out of the gates. They formed a lead pack and due to the pace of particularly Bruno and Noic, guys started falling off. Although it was a flat water race on a river, due to backwash of sightseeing boats, other water traffic and that many SUPs on the water, the conditions were challenging for some.

During the first 2 rounds, it was the four guys Bruno, Noic, Aaron and Antonio setting the pace and expanding the lead on the followers.

Donato who had a very bad start, placing about 30-th going into the first round, found his gears and started to advance. He probably at some point was about 200m behind but caught up in round 3. Another rider that came up from the back was Fernando Serra.

In the end, basically 5 guys were in it for the win. Noic won the sprint, followed by Bruno, Antonio in 3rd, Donato in 4th and Aaron in 5th. Fernando came in shortly after this pack in 6th.

On the women, basically Espe crushed it. She led at the start, taking a comfortable 15 board length lead in the first 5-10min of the race and kept widening the gap. Following her was a train constantly led by Duna, who was pulling Erica, Iona and Anna. Espe won, Duna 2, Anna 3, Erica 4, Iona 5.


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Women Longdistance

Rank – Minutes – Div. – Country

  1.  Espe Barreras 80,16  ELITE – ESP
  2.  Duna Gordillo 85,31   ELITE – ESP
  3.  Anna Tschirky 85,32  ELITE – SUI
  4.  Erica Revil 85,36  ELITE – FRA
  5.  Iona Rivet 85,57  ELITE – ESP
  6.  Sonia Caimari 89,22   ELITE – ESP
  7.  Izaskun Martín del Campo 89,24   ELITE- ESP
  8.  Ainhoa Rivas 89,25   ELITE Junior – ESP
  9.  Sabine Fischer 91,39      – SUI
  10.  Velia Pisanelli 94,05   ELITE Junior – ITA
  11.  Marina navarro 94,10  ELITE Master – ESP
  12.  Gadea Ibarloza 96,38 ELITE Master – ESP
  13.  Mariia Glukhacheva 98,00   ELITE – ESP
  14.  Maria Jose Pellicer 101,33  – ESP
  15. Victoria Sanchez 102,35  ELITE Master – ESP
  16.  Isabel Valverde 106,29 ! ELITE Master – ESP
  17. HELENE REIGADAS 110,08  ELITE Kahuna – ESP

Men Longdistance Top 30 of 50

Rank – Minutes – Div. – Country

  1.  Noic Garioud 74,46  ELITE – FRA
  2.  Bruno Hasulyo 74,47  ELITE – HUN
  4.  Donato Freens 74,55  ELIT Junior – NED
  5.  Aaron Sánchez 74,58   ELITE – ESP
  6.  Fernando Perez 75,03   ELITE – ESP
  7.  Von Allmen Bodie 75,55  ELITE  Junior – USA
  8.  Leonard Nika 77,23   ELITE – ITA
  9.  Christian Anderssen 77,24  ELITE – DEN
  10.  Tomas Vasconcelos 77,43  ELITE – POR
  11.  Kaelan Lockhart 77,54  ELITE – AUS
  12.  NICOLÁS BARREIRO 77,56   ELITE Master – ESP
  13.  Tomas Grosup 78,00  ELITE – CHI
  14.  AUGUSTO GARCIA 78,02   ELITEJunior – ESP
  15.  JOAN GARCIA 78,08   ELITE Junior – ESP
  16.  Linus Karlsson 78,18   ELITE – SWE
  17.  Lucas Correa 78,47 ELITE – ARG
  18.  Rui Ramos 79,54  ELITE Master – POR
  19.  João      Guilherme Rodrigues 79,55  ELITE Junio POR
  20.  SALVADOR MORA 81,14 ELITE Master – ESP
  21.  Antonio Serrera 82,45  ELITE – ESP
  22.  Marc Foraster 82,49  ELITE Kahuna – ESP
  23.  Marc Simoncelli 82,52  ELITE      Junior – ESP
  25.  Sergio López 83,00   ELITE Master – ESP
  26.  Paulo Vieira 83,34  ELITE – POR
  27.  Luis Vicente 83,35 ELITE – POR
  28.  Dan Miller 84,18 – ELITE Master -CAN
  29.  Vincent Guillaume 85,17  ELITE Kahuna — ESP
  30.  Antonio Sudón 85,19 – ESP

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