Titouan Puyo retires from SUP

Some might have seen the news already. Titouan Puyo a.k.a. Ti2 decided to take the gas off the paddle in the SUP Sport. Most of the news surrounding his semi retirement from SUP was published in french, so we went ahead and dug out our rusty french and started to gather what is going on.

Titou is happy at the ICE Race an ICF SUP World Cup in Thun, Switzerland

From what we read is that Titou is moving back full time to New Caledonia to work in the cultural, youth and sports department in the South Province of his home island of New Caledonia. For this year, the high-level athlete has decided to focus on Va’a, especially since the World Championships and the Pacific Games are two important events to come.

With his home base now full time in the South Pacific and shifted priorities, traveling across Europe will be a bigger challenge and it is quite obvious that with this being said we most likely will not see Titouan at the EURO TOUR or any other European based SUP Races.

His (semi) retirement means a great loss for the SUP Sport, Titouan was one of the leading forces in the sport with countless titles and podiums in the many years past. Our earliest record of Titou paddling at an event, was from the PPGs in 2015. He back then was in 12th place in men distance and 14th in course race. That was 9 years ago and Titouan Puyo has risen to the very top of the competitive SUP world since then.

We are hoping he will return to the stage at some larger international events such as the ICF World Championships in Thailand and the ISA Worlds where and when ever they may happen.