Guide to learn how to foil

We are witnessing the explosion of foiling. In this article we are not talking about wing foiling, but about learning how to foil in general. The foil is an ad on to a water sport: We can add a foil to all these water sports:

  • Surfing
  • Windsurfing
  • SUP
  • Kiteboarding
  • Wingsailing (mainly foiling but not necessrily)
  • Wakeboarding
  • Sailing

The purest form of foiling is when the forward propulsion of the board comes from the rider itself pushing the board forward by pumping motions. Many of you most likely master the one or the other water sport already but ask your self:

How do I learn to foil?

The best way to learn to control and get acquainted to the foil is if you have something, towing you through the water. If you can get towed behind a boat you can practice starts multiple times in a short amount of time and learn real fast how it feels when the foil starts to engage and pushes upwards.

Once you have tried a few times and figured out to foil behind a boat or Jet Ski, you then can return to your water sport of choice and master the foil much quicker.

My own experience: I did not prone foil for over 3 month, but did wing foil quite often in the meanwhile. Once we had favorable conditions I chose to go back to prone foiling, thinking the lack of practice will throw me back months.

The opposite was the case: I was able to pump much better and control my foil in the waves far better than expected.

The time on the foil board winging has given me far more experience and technique than I initially thought, which resulted in amazing results foiling in waves and pumping back out for the next one.

In this video we have the opportunity to give our friend Romi his first experience behind a jet ski. You will see how fast he makes progress:


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