EURO TOUR Final Rankings 2023 Calendar

We just got the newsletter form the EUR TOUR with their 2023 dates. We have to say we are quite impressed to release a 2023 schedule this early. As it appears the EURO TOUR seems to be quite firm on the dates themselves as they make it pretty clear the way things operate:

“And now for a break in our yearly rankings review, have a look at the NEW #EuroTour2023 calendar. We have worked very hard on this, and we have a bigger tour with double the prize money from last year for our athletes.

As always we bring you guaranteed events & locations for our 9th straight season, so you can organize yourself ahead of time and plan those weekends getaways.

We have a big season with some openings on the calendar, that potentially would fill with more events, but we only communicate on guaranteed things (no TBD’s or Xmas wishlist here).

As always transportation between all Grand Slam events is guaranteed so you don’t have to worry about it. Stay tuned over the next few weeks with individual communications on all locations with all the details.”

  • 8-9th April  – Battle for Hercules Ceuta SUP Race | 5-Star | € 8000
  • 15-16th April  – Sevilla SUP Festival | 4-Star | € 4500
  • 29-30th April – World SUP Festival Costa Blanca | 6-Star | € 12’000
  • 27-28th May – Madeira Island SUP Challenge | 4-Star | € 4500
  • 3-4th June – Gran Canaria PRO Beach Race | 4-Star | € 4500
  • 16-18th June – Bord’Ocean SUPdays Race | 5-Star | € 8000
  • 24-25th June – Scharbeutz SUP Race | 6-Star | € 12’000
  • 1-2nd July – Nordhausen SUP Race | 5-Star | € 8000
  • 8th July – Namur SUP Race | 3-Star | € 2500
  • 15-16th July – (REG) Berlin SUP Race | 2-Star | € 2500
  • 2-3rd September – Punta Ala SUP Race | 5-Star | € 8000
  • 9-10th September – Corfu SUP Race | 5-Star | € 8000
  • 11th November – (REG) Marathon International des Gorges de l’Ardèche | 2-Star | € 1500

We also took a quick look at the final standings of 2022 there are 322 men and 109 women ranked over the season of 2022. In terms of female participation we (the sport) have some catching up to do in general.

Top 25 men

1TitouanPuyo  Elite
2MichaelBooth  Elite
3TyJudson  Elite
4LiranMACHLEV  Elite
5FernandoPEREZ-SERRA  Elite
6BrunoHASULYO Elite
7EthanBry Junior Elite
8AaronSANCHEZ Elite
10LeonardNIKA Elite
13AntonioMorillo Elite
14ClaudioNIKA  Elite
15PaoloMarconi  Elite
16KaelanLockhart  Elite
18BenMoreham  Elite
21KjellDe Elite
22AndreyKraytor  Elite
23TomazJenseterke  Elite
24GáborSági  Elite Master
25MartinTeichmann 27,5 & Elite Elite Master

Top 25 women

1EsperanzaBarreras Elite
2 DunaGordilloElite
3 CeciliaPampinellaElite Junior
4PetronellaVanElite Master
5MichalaHendrichova Elite
8AlbaAlonso Elite
9SusanneLierElite Master
10CaterinaStenta Elite
11MariannaOlahElite Master
12MajaDolzan Elite
13IonaRivet Elite
17SusakMolinero Elite
18TanjaEcker Elite
19NATALIAFON Elite Master
21IzaskunMartin Elite
23NicolineRasmussen Elite
25SoniaCaimaElite Junior