Last paddler standing paddle till the bitter end

In Florida athletes will have the chance to paddle until the last person falls off the board. Frankly quite literary.

Wait what!? How is this going to work?

Last Paddler Standing is an endurance SUP race taking place at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota, FL. Unlike any other paddle race in the world, Last Paddler Standing is a race of stamina and strategy. Racers will paddle a 3.33 mile loop course, starting and finishing the loop within a one-hour period. The next loop will begin on the hour and the race goes until only one paddler is left standing. At the 48 hour mark, the length of the loop will be increased. Do you have what it takes to be the Last Paddler Standing?

This race will require some strategy, if you are fast you get to rest until the hour is over and then you go again, but… if you are too fast you might burn all your energy and be exhausted too soon. How are you going to do this. Leisurely or in a hurry?

This will be a SUP race only and will start in Sarasota Florida on December 3rd at 9 in the morning and it will go as the race name says: Until the last paddler standing. We heard the inagural race prior to the pandemic lasted 3 days.

This is quite a crazy format

The race is timed with each loop starting on the hour, every hour. Racers must be at the starting line within 10 seconds of the top of the hour. Racers must complete the course loop within the hour time period and be ready to go at the top of the next hour. If the race comes down to two final competitors, the race will continue until one quits. At which point, the final competitor must finish one final solo loop in order to claim the title of Last Paddler Standing. This race could last only a few hours or it could last for days. It all depends on your mental and physical fortitude!

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