ICF SUP World Cup Oklahoma

While most of the world was looking towards Hvide Sande and the EURO SUP 2022. The ICF held their only SUP World Cup in the US. It was a good opportunity for some elite paddlers to make some extra price money and getting qualified for the fast track for the upcoming ICF SUP World Championschips in Poland.

On a side note, it is still interesting to see that not all elite paddlers in the US have showed up to a seemingly easy opportunity to make some extra money. The turn out was very low in the elite class, while in Europe people paddle like crazy regardless of the federation that is putting on an event.

One of our readers put it quite blunt on our Facebook page:

Petr Cemper: if this is ICF World Cup level = it is disaster for that sport … not having even 10 competitors in reasonable skill !!! Hobby races oo EU weekend warriors is quite better … I am sorry about Connor,Bruno, April, Kim , that they need to be part of this comedy …

Does the US have a SUP Problem or the lack of thereof?


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Open Men Sprint Final

1Connor BAXTERUSA50.21
2Daniel HASULYOHUN53.773.55
3Jake PORTWOODUSA54.664.45
4Bodie VON ALLMENUSA58.868.64

Women Open Sprint Final

1April ZILGUSA01:01.3
2Katniss PARISUSA01:03.42.12
3Kimberly BARNESUSA01:04.02.68
4Juliette DUHAIMEARG01:04.33

Longdistance Open Men

1Daniel HASULYOHUN46:29.7
2Bodie VON ALLMENUSA48:24.801:55.1
3Eri TENORIOBRA48:31.402:01.7
4Connor BAXTERUSA48:38.002:08.2
5Jake PORTWOODUSA49:04.402:34.6
6Jake GRAHAMUSA50:48.704:19.0
7Zane ASSELINUSA53:56.207:26.4
8Ian CONNORUSA54:26.607:56.9
9Sebas FUMEROCRC54:36.408:06.6
10Dennis GIBSONUSA54:55.008:25.3
11Caleb KINGUSA58:58.012:28.3
12Paul GONZALESPER59:49.113:19.3

Longdistance Open Women

1Kimberly BARNESUSA52:47.8
2April ZILGUSA53:07.300:19.5
3Katniss PARISUSA54:54.002:06.1
4Juliette DUHAIMEARG54:56.402:08.5
5Jennifer JAMESUSA13:04.720:16.9
6Tracy HINESUSA24:05.231:17.4
7Shari FILLERUSA37:26.844:38.9
Kaitlyn MCELROYUSA03:06.210:18.4DSQ

Tech. Race Open Men

1Connor BAXTERUSA03:25.9
2Jake PORTWOODUSA03:38.112.22
3Eri TENORIOBRA03:42.416.56
4Daniel HASULYOHUN03:47.421.49

Tech. Race Open Women

1April ZILGUSA03:56.7
2Juliette DUHAIMEARG04:00.43.72
3Kimberly BARNESUSA04:08.812.17
4Katniss PARISUSA04:15.618.97