APP Longdistance Race Michael Booth makes a statement

We did analyze the situation, that the confusion at the APP Longdistance Race in Santa Monica caused based on the APPs official statement as well as what has been published on social media. Now Michael Booth an Arthur Arutkin are coming out with some serious accusations towards the APP. It would go way too far to get into the details here.

The main takeaway here how ever is what we already said in our analysis: We need clear rules and regulations. Organizers must make sure there can not be any misunderstanding on what the parameters of a race are.

There must a clear path for appeals in place and once a decision by the officials is made it has to stand.


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In my opinion unfortunately this is not doing the sport and its image any good. We are also running the danger of a divided SUP community all together and if we want to get somewhere we need unity.

All we have now is people pointing fingers and two of very accredited SUP Athletes walking away from the APP.

We don’t need this.