Ukraine invasion and Stand Up Paddling

After having a chat with a Stand Up Paddler in the Ukraine, I could no longer be silent. After all I was just in Hungary back in September and met all these wonderful people from Eastern Europe. Met people from all over and also from the Ukraine and from Russia. It is a crying shame what is happening to them and we were all super excited about the enthusiasm we were met with and were really looking forward on SUP expanding into these new countries and having them in the international community.

Well… I guess this is all being put on halt. After my initial, conversation with “Come Cuba” things became real fast and I also had to think of some or our new Russian friends who are great individuals. Namely Andrei Kraytor who made a clear statement on his Instagram account. We been talking ever since and the struggle is real. Unfortunately we have not heard from our other friends taking a stance.


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Take your stance now, no matter who you are and what country you are from. We can not accept this, we are in the 21st century!


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