Olivia Piana new wing sponsor

Olivia Piana just announced her new sponsor ship with the wingfoil brand VAYU, a full product range foil brand offering, wings, foils and boards.


VAYU made its debut last year when they launched their brand with a new concept of a boom system. (We tested their initial wing, see video below.) Having Olivia Piana on board is a huge validation to their system since we do not see many brands with booms on the market. Having Olivia choosing VAYU sends a signal to the market and riders who are still insecure on handles versus booms.

On the side line Olivia also announces her new partnership with AXIS foils, as it looks like AXIS foils must be working well with VAYU foil boards. As it turns out her an James Casey both decided to go with AXIS not having spoken to each other about it. She blames it on their background in SUP.

It is nice to see how many athletes from the SUP world are becoming cross over athletes being active in many water sports. Same like Fiona Wylde who completed her first wing foil tour event last year in Morocco ending up winning the event.

For all of you who are not yet familiar with the split boom system by VAYU here is the test from their first version:


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