SUP Suisse great year 2021

Prosperous Inaugural Year and Outlook 2022

SUP Suisse looks back to a very successful inaugural year. The Swiss athletes performed very well at the International Canoe Federation World Championships in Hungary. 18-year-old Anna Tschirky paddled in the long-distance race onto 5th place; what a sensation! Our masters also delivered an outstanding performance: Peter Mülhauser claimed the silver and Guido Donze the bronze medal in the Masters 50+ long-distance race.

The first Swiss SUP Flatwater Championships (FSC) of both Swiss Canoe and Swiss Surfing was also a great success. SUP Suisse could welcome over 100 participants in different categories, including Swiss Championships, Short Distance, Fun, Juniors, and Kids. The majority of SUP brands presented their gear on site.

In October, SUP Suisse held its first Swiss SUP Surfing Championships (SSC) with the Swiss Surfing in Loredo (Spain). It was a great event where SUP Suisse could start building the future in Swiss SUP surfing. SUP Suisse will continue to develop the sport inside Switzerland on artificial waves and the ocean. Multiple sessions throughout the year at Alaïa Bay and a SUP surfing camp (Oct 1st – 8th 2022) for all levels of SUP surfers before the SSC (Oct 8th – 15th) in Loredo are in planning.

During the year, SUP Suisse could collect feedback from athletes, the community and industry. Together with the remarkable success, it led to enhanced responsibilities for 2022. SUP Suisse will take the lead for the tour, previously named “SUP Tour Schweiz” and “Certina SUP and Paddle Tour” in 2022. The tour comes with a great possibility but also with a huge responsibility. It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Certina has already confirmed its involvement for 2022.

SUP Suisse decided to take this occasion to work out a vision and mission statement and a detailed strategy for the following year. The process just started, and SUP Suisse would like to invite the whole SUP community to participate in it. Please share your thoughts using the contact form on the website. Topics like education, certification, lobbying and contact with federal instances will remain the responsibility of the Swiss Canoe and Swiss Surfing.

As the planning just started and will take time to be done correctly, we won’t look at significant changes for 2022. Expect the tour to be in a similar format as 2021, but no events are confirmed yet. SUP Suisse also had to rethink the Swiss Championships by taking charge of the tour. SUP Suisse sees a better fit for the championships as the season’s highlight and the tour. Therefore it will be rescheduled to take place in September. The exact date depends on the announcement of the World Championships organised by the International Canoe Federation and the International Surfing Association.

Together with the brands, the planning has started for a season opener in May. Participants will get the opportunity to test all the new gear for the upcoming season. Shops shall also be present where the gear can be ordered on-site.

SUP Suisse asks event organisers interested in being part of the tour, shops interested in being part of the season opener, and everyone interested in joining shaping the future of our sport to contact us.