Global Wing Foil Tour Champions 2021

It is really nice to see how the Global Wingsport is evolving and how history is being written in this early stages of this very new sport. From a Stand Up Magazin point of view we are also super stoked to see that particularly in on the women side, we see familiar faces from Stand Up Paddling starting to make the cross over to wing.

Namely Olivia Piana who gets to call her self 2021 Worldchampion. Congratulations! Olivia is a well known name in the SUP Sport and has been doing SUP races since the early days of SUP. Now she is fully committed to Wingfoiling winning the 2021 World Champion Tour. Olivia is convinced that this sport will go bigger than any other watersport we seen in the past. This is what she had to say earlier during the last event in Tarifa:

“I believe wingfoiling will become the biggest water sport ever.”  “You can foil in any conditions, you don’t need big waves or strong wind. You can go out on a lake, on a river, and in the sea of course. There are so many disciplines and so many ways to enjoy the sport.I like this sport because you can never be lazy with it.”

We are also super stoked on Fiona Wylde with her first appearance in Marocco claiming the overall win. Fiona is SUP Superwomen winning more race that we can remember. Most namely her recent gold medals at the ICF SUP World Championships. She is closing out the year on the 7th place with only one competition.

Also not to forget this years 2nd Bowie van der Linden from the Netherlands. She also has been SUP racing for many years but more on a local bases. She consistently made to podium this year unfortunatly when it came to a win either Fiona or Olivia stood in her way.

On the men side also a big shout out to Titouan Galea who introduced himself to the SUP and Foil world with his participation in the M2O back in 2019 crossing the Ka’iwi Channel SUP Foiling. Now he is a dominant force in the Wing Foil World winning 3 out of 4 events and pushing the limit on what can be done on foil day in day out.

We hope to see many more people participating in the Wingsport and crossing over from other sprots, without leaving the other sport behind off course. It would also be nice to see to have the tour growing into more courntries, such as Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific and Hawaii as well as the continental US.

2021 Top 10 Women

1Olivia PianaFR111
2Bowie v.d. LindenNL3223
3Orane CerisFR352
4Paula NovotnaCZ443
5Marcela WittBRA657
6Floara AtznerFR25
7Fiona WyldeUSA1
8Nia Suardiaz4
9Kylie ZarmatiUSA4
10Maaike HuvermanNL5

2021 Top 10 Men

1Titouan GaleaFR1114
2Francesco CappuzzoITA5332
3Hugo MartinFR44213
4Camille BouyerFR35411
5Julien BouyerFR97137
6Mathis GhioFR3321
7Hendrick LopesCape Verde1196
8Malo GuenoleFR12613
9Fabian MuhmenthalerES10913
10Balz MüllerSUI25