Foil Gear Talk

The crew at one of Maui’s premier foil spot is always up for a chat. Preferably gear talk. I was invited to Grovers Bus (aka The Club House) for a bit of a podium discussion on where the development for foil gear is heading. Local hero and Armstrong Ambassador / Rep. / Teamrider Sky Rama is at the forefront of the development and keeps showing up with prototypes and brand new Armstrong wings no one can even buy yet. Grover (aka Gramps) is also a regular at the spot and has been part of the tow surfing days from day one. Jim ( better know as Bones) has been a kite boarder from day one is an an over all Maui pioneer water man that has more stories to tell than your neighbor Stephen.

They are part of the core group at Maui’s West Side foil spot know as “The Holy Rail”


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