Carolina SUP Cup Results

After over two years and almost 1000 days we finally had the Carolina SUP Cup again. It was a great pleasure to see that the SUP community was able to gather at this iconic race. From what we saw the condition were quite gnarly and the coast guard closed the ocean part of the race so organizers had to modify the race course.

Since this race was part of the APP here is their recap:

Danny Ching and April Zilg sweep the field in the Graveyard Race, as taking an alternative line to the rest of the pack proves triumphant for team USA.

Whilst the Coast Guard called for a modified racecourse this morning due to the hectic conditions in the ocean, the athletes were still put through their paces with 20mph winds, 40 mph gusts and a relentless current in what was an epic, challenging and entertaining race.

After New Caledonia’s Titouan Puyo led the men’s pack for most of the race, with Japan’s Shuri Araki hot on his heels, 4 X Graveyard race champ Danny Ching and Tamas Buday came out of nowhere and claimed 1st and 3rd place, after taking the inside line that protected them from the ruthless conditions.

“I just tried not to lose the race in the first hour which was the downwind and the turn. I ended up a little further behind than I hoped, but I conserved enough energy and took a good enough line to reel them back in. Luckily only a handful of guys took the line I was on and none of them were in front of me.”

North Carolina’s very own April Zilg had a similar idea and swept the women’s pack by taking the inside line, beating out USA’s Kim Barnes and Japan’s Rika Okuaki, who were left to fight the upwind paddle.

April reflects on her first ever Graveyard Race win: “It is a very emotional win for me. This was the first race I ever did, and the first time I did it, I didn’t even finish. It has been my dream to win the Carolina Cup since the first day I picked up a paddleboard, so it feels amazing to achieve that.”

The action continues tomorrow on Day Two of the Carolina Cup, which will see athletes battle it out in the APP Sprints with the forecast promising 9-foot waves and 40 mph winds. The draw is now online and you can follow the live scoring from 9am here. Tune it @appworldtour on Instagram and Facebook for social media updates.

And here is the recap video


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Elite over all results

1Danny  Ching1:46:08
2Titouan Puyo1:48:37
3Tommy Buday1:48:39
4Shuri Araki1:48:39
5Connor Baxter1:49:37
6Itzel Delgado1:50:14
7Daniel Hasulyo1:50:14
8Kaelan Lockhart1:51:31
9Tyler Baschor1:51:47
10Arthur Arutkin1:52:00
11Josh Riccio1:52:02
12Christian Andersen 1:52:05
13Tim Oliver1:52:12
14Rai Taguchi1:53:15
15Campbell Carter1:53:20
16Ryland Hart1:58:03
17Bodie Von Allmen1:58:04
18Steve Miller1:58:11
19John Batson1:58:12
20Jake Portwood1:58:35
21Garrett Fletcher2:03:24
22April Zilg2:06:43
23Jake Graham2:06:58
24Dan Miller2:07:35
25Kjimberly Barnes2:07:50
26Okuaki Rika2:08:24
27Juliette Duhaime2:09:09
28Bojan Bernard2:09:34
29Cristian Lopez2:10:26
30Alez Sandler2:14:57
31Travis Kindt2:18:15
32Edwin Cornier2:18:56
33Anthony Galang2:19:43
34Steven Bernstein2:21:00
35Tristan Gregory2:24:53
36Nick Jimenez2:25:07
37Jeppe Skipper2:25:39
38Terry Smith2:26:19
39Michael Herman2:27:21
40Gary Rothe2:28:36
41Adam Mendizabal2:32:18
42Mike Hill2:33:24
43William Cruz2:34:20
44Tilghman Meiser2:40:12
45Chris Dyki2:42:21
46Corey Adomitis2:46:54
47Kattie Carpentar2:57:32
48Andrew Lopez3:00:36
49Joshua Alessandro Rivera3:02:09
50Ed Naggiar3:07:55
51Wendy Tillet3:11:08

Women Elite

1April Zilg2:06:43
2Kimberly Barnes2:07:50
3OKUAKI Rika2:08:24
4Juliette Duhaime2:09:09
5Kattie Carpentar2:57:32
6Wendy Tillett3:11:08