Madeira SUP Challenge EURO TOUR

Madeira will be hosting its first major SUP event. We all know Madeira from its spectacular pictures of coast line and amazing waves, but as far as SUP goes it has been quite so far. This is about to change with a EURO TOUR Event with a guest star appearance by Casper Steinfath. If it’t not too late, hop on a plane and head over. It will be a great weekend.


Sept 24, Wednesday

10:30 Madeira SUP Expedition

7:00 Welcome Drink Madeira

Sept 25, Saturday 

9:00  Registration deadline

9:00  Briefing participantes

9:00  Youth Races (sub 12 & sub14)

10:00 Junior Race 

11:00 Open Course

12:00 Elite Race

Sept 26 Saturday

9:00 Briefing participants

10.30 Exhibition Race

10.30 Relay Competition

13.00 Ceremony

20:00 Dinner and awards ceremony