Madeira SUP Challenge 2021 EURO TOUR

The EURO TOUR ventured out way in the to the Atlantic ocean on to the island of Madeira and wrote us this quick letter:

It seems that at #eurotour2021 we never run out of summer, and this past weekend the Madeira SUP Challenge had another picture perfect one. With amazing views all along the cliffs of #funchal the course had to be one of the most scenic on tour.


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On the women side, a new comer to the scene, but well known in Portugal Anabela Prioste came out the gates super strong and lead the entire race to win by nearly two minutes over 2nd place.

Having another solid race was powerhouse Caterina Stenta that did the entire race on her own. A few minutes adrift came the young talent from Madeira in 3rd Veronica Irsilva who shows she is the new up and comer, outrunning the ever consistent Susanne Lier in 4th. Closing the Top5 was local Raquel Lopes do you want your readers to know? Make your text stand out by customizing the font, style and format.

1Anabela Ferreira Pacheco Prioste1:13:04
2Caterina Stenta1:14:57
3Veronica Silva1:19:36
4Susanne Lier1:21:56
5Raquel Catarina Lopes Serrão Pontes de Gouveia1:40:30

The men side was a very tight race between Starboaard team mates Daniel Hasulyo and Leonard Nika. The two broke the group early and did the whole race together. At the end of the race they went side by side on a frantic sprint that looked like Daniel had, with a last minute surge by Leo that saw him claim the win.

On yet another consistent result best Itzel Delgadon was also in contention early until a fall saw him lose touch with the lead, but still managed only a minute behind. Local hero and someone to watch out for at any venue is the very talented Tomas Lacerda 4th who broke away from superstar Casper Steinfath that closed out another International & very competitive Top5.

1Leonard Nika1:05:33
2Daniel Hasulyo1:05:34
3Itzel Delgado1:06:33
4Tomás Vasconcelos de Lacerda1:09:11
5Casper Stainfath1:11:07
6Vasilis Samniotis1:14:06
7Tiago Camacho Almeida1:16:26
8Francisco Gonçalo Freitas Pestana1:16:28
9Mateus da Costa Morna Freias1:16:31
10Paulo Miguel Vieira Freitas1:16:50
11João Guilherme Rodrigues Olim1:18:26
12Pedro Afonso Gaspar Abreu1:20:35
13Tiago Inácio Rodrigues  Gonçalves Jardim1:20:20
14Belar Diaz1:23:15
15António Maria Neves Ribeiro1:23:51
16Nuno Rafael Gonçalves Rodrigues1:32:56
17Francisco Martim Duarte Quintal Pinto1:39:52