Lost at Sea. How I found my way back to shore

I had a hectic day loosing my foil board at sea. Leashes do break and knots can become undone sometimes. The latter happened to me and I found my self detached from my board 3/4 Miles out at sea. The wind was too strong and the waves too big and I could not reach the board swimming. Now I had to use my wing to help me dragging me to the shore. This actually worked surprisingly well. Never the less it took me over an hour to get to shore than thank fully Ron who was sailing nearby spotted me after a while and helped me reaching the shore.

Now I am on a mission to get my board back. So if you are in Maui County I am looking for an Armstrong 5’10” with an Armstrong 85cm mast etc. lost in the Pailolo Channel, might ended up on Lanai. Rewarding return with $500.-


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