EURO TOUR in Germany

Although we are all happy that the EURO TOUR stops in Germany, information about the race is rather sparse. The EURO TOUR published yesterday a few info on Facebook. Who wants to go to the race can see on the picture below where the start is. An address does not seem to exist.

We have not yet been able to find out who is organizing the race on behalf of the EURO TOUR. We would like to send some magazines for the participants to the race. If any of you know who is organizing the race, please let us know.

In the meantime, these are the infos we have:

Location: Nordhausen, Sundhäuser See (it’s not that big and you will surely find the start)

Prize money:

Gender equal pay

  1. 1000€
  2. 600€
  3. 300€
  4. 200€
  5. 150 €    


Saturday 17. July

  • 08:30 – 9:30 Sign in
  • 10:30 START 12 KM women (ELITE + AMATEUR)
  • 11:45  START 12 KM men (ELITE + AMATEUR)
  • 13:00  Kids Race
  • 14:30  Awards


The race is run with a “SUPERLAP”. This is where the paddler is allowed to take a shortcut on one lap. This format was invented a few years ago by Paul Jackson and brings a certain surprise component to the race.

Important Superlap.

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