EURO TOUR ICE Race Results


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1Titouan Puyo1:38:06
2Bruno Hasulyo1:39:00
3Clement Colmas1:40:46
4 Ludovic Teulade1:43:16
5Rafa Sirvent1:44:17
6 Normen Weber1:44:19
7 Marcus Hansen1:44:32
8 Donato Freens1:45:00
9 Olivier Darrieumerlou1:47:16
10Jeremy Teulade1:48:58
11Tommaso Pampinella1:49:29
12Alain Luck1:52:01
13Manuel Lauble1:52:02
14Clement Savin1:52:57
15Hermann Husslein1:53:42
16Olivier Comazzi1:53:48
17Stéphane Guillermin1:54:58
18Guido Donzé1:58:53
19Andi Saurer2:01:10
20Bertrand Evequoz2:01:35
21Peter Weidert2:02:42
22Leandro Cruz2:02:48
23Timo Hage2:05:27
24William Canali2:05:54
25Dominik Roth2:06:21
26Peter Tritten2:07:26
27Mark Kruisheer2:08:27
28Gerd Weisner2:09:31
29Michel Gicot2:11:01
30Mark Klemanovits2:27:46
31Peter Mülhauser2:30:07


1 Esperanza Barreras1:49:54
2Fiona Wylde1:52:37
3Anna Tschirky1:56:17
4Susanne Lier1:59:17
5Erica Revil2:03:22
6Tanja Ecker2:05:59
7Yvi Mahoney2:08:44
8Andrea Forrer2:12:28
9Florence Julen2:14:55
10Nicole Angéloz2:23:33
11Nathalie Olocco

We just got the first results and will update you guys as soon as we have more details

Top 10 women

  1. Espe Barreras
  2. Fiona Wylde
  3. Anna Tschirky
  4. Susanne Lier
  5. Erica Revil
  6. Tanja Ecker
  7. Yvi Mahoney
  8. Andrea Forrer
  9. Florence Julen
  10. Nicole Angelot

Top 10 men

  1. Titouan Puyo
  2. Bruno Hasulyo
  3. Clement Colmas
  4. Ludovic Teulade
  5. Rafael Sirvent
  6. Normen Weber
  7. Marcus Hansen
  8. Donato Freens
  9. Olivier Darrieumerlou
  10. Jeremy Teulade