We all are looking forward to the EURO TOUR 2021, lets hope we are well in the race coming this Mai.

In this interview Belar tells us how he had to reorganize things in 2020 and what to look for in 2021.


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These are the locations and dates:


  • Austria SUP Race (??) (4500E) 12-13th June
  • Ice SUP Race ??(4500E) 19th June
  • Prague Paddle Fest(??) (12000E) 25-26th June
  • Vendée Gliss Event ?? (6000E) 2nd July
  • Agios Nikolaos on SUP 2021 ?? (6000E) 10-11th July
  • ** IX Sieravuori SUP Masters ?? (1500E) 9-10th July
  • Nordhausen SUP Race ?? (4500E) 17-18th July
  • Namur SUP Race ??(4500E) 24th July 
  • Denmark SUP Race ??(4500E) 3-5th September
  • ICF World Championships Hungary(?? ) (30000E) 10-12th September
  • Bilbao World SUP Challenge (EUK) (12000E) 18-19th September
  • Madeira Island SUP Challenge ?? (4500E) 25-26th September
  • ** Zavidovo SUP challenge 2021 ?? (1500E) 25-26th September

**Sup’Race Ardèche ??(1500E) 13th November