Die SUP ALPS TROPHY reloaded

Good news ! The SUP Alps Trophy 2021 will take place under new organization with 6 events from May-September and big season finale.

All info at: www.sup-alps-trophy21.com

The SUP Alps Trophy is a legendary race series that has attracted paddlers from many nations since 2014. The tour stops are always worth a trip, because the dreamlike ambience from the play of colors of the lakes in front of and in the Alps is unique. The Race Class starts on hardboards up to 14′, and the races are usually about 10-12 km long. Nationally and internationally known paddlers start here, but also in the same field ambitious beginners and newcomers to the racing scene. The three best results from the four to six events, where amateurs compete with pro-amateurs, are rated. Among the top athletes of the last years are national champions and world and European champions of different disciplines. The performances of paddlers such as :

  • Susak Molinero (ESP)
  • Martino Rogai (ITA)
  • Joep van Bakel (NED)
  • Claudio Nika (ITA)
  • Peter Bartl (AUT)
  • Christian Taucher (AUT)
  • Petrak Ondrej (CZE)
  • Normen Weber (GER)
  • Ole Schwarz (GER)
  • Marion Seebauer (GER)
  • Iva Dundova (CZE)
  • Peter Weidert (GER)

show the importance that the SUP Alps Trophy has in the scene. In the Fun class, the participants start on boards up to 14′. The races mostly go over distances of 3-5 km. Here beginners go racing, the youth is strongly represented, but also experienced racers on the water. These races are cross-generational and also offer experiences for the whole family. At the final season highlight of the race series, we honor the podium finishers of all classes (youth, women and men), as well as the best masters over 50+ and over60+ .

ActiveMoving EventPlus under the agency management of Alois Mühlegger has built up the SUP Alps Trophy to the most successful SUP race series in the Alpine region (Germany, Austria, Italy) since 2014 and the participants appreciate the clear communication, organization, race direction and qualitative selection of local organizers and spots.

Starting in 2021, GTA Distribution, an established distributor and manufacturer of action sports products in the SURF/SUP/SKATE categories for more than 20 years, will take over the SUP Alps Trophy under the leadership of Jens Höppel and Gerd Weisner.

Gerd Weisner: “We are happy to continue the SUP Alps Trophy as a cross-national meeting point for racers and racing enthusiastic paddlers in the spirit of ActiveMoving EventPlus. SUP is one of the most popular sports and the interest in racing continues to grow. In this sense, among other things, we will use the website not only as an information platform for the individual races, but also to bring together the community of SUP active people. As a first step we will introduce the participants of the SUP Alps Trophy. In addition, we will offer videos on paddling technique, material knowledge together with the top paddlers. The SUP Alps Trophy is a matter of the heart and is organized by paddlers for paddlers.” Gerd Weisner is 2 x German Champion Long Distance in the Master class Ü50+ and reached in 2019 and 2020 the 3rd place in the annual ranking of the SUP Alps Trophy of the Race class. To ensure the content and quality of the race series there will be a “Bord of Directors”, volunteer experienced SUP racers involved in the development of the race series.

The team and consulting athletes include Austrian Champion and ASF President Christian Taucher, paddling and event legend, host and race director Rudy van Haven, Hermann Husslein (Olympic Canoe Slalom and German SUP Tech Race runner-up), Andy Klotz event photographer and SUP insider, as well as multiple German Champion Peter Weidert and SUP racing legend Normen Weber.